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Named and shamed: The 16 unis charging THOUSANDS in non-refundable deposits

You could lose up to £5,000 if you’re no longer able to study


16 universities across the UK are charging thousands of pounds in non-refundable deposits, alongside tuition and accommodation fees.

While many students are struggling under the cost of living crisis (with five per cent using food banks in order to eat) in a lot of cases, they’re also expected to pay up to £5,000 just to secure their places on different courses.

The Tab can now reveal exactly which unis are charging these amounts.

International students have undoubtedly been hit the hardest. London’s University of Roehampton charges a £5,000 non-refundable deposit, while Bath Spa, Bournemouth, Wolverhampton and Portsmouth require £3-4k from people wanting to study on a visa. Cumbria is known to charge up to 75% of the year’s tuition upfront.

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Leeds, York, Exeter, Essex and Aberystwyth hit the £1-2,000 mark, while unis like Newcastle haven’t openly disclosed how much they charge, claiming they disclose the amount in a case-by-case acceptance basis.

UK-based students also feel the pinch, as Bath, Sussex, Oxford and Manchester charge between £1-2.6k for postgrad deposits. Meanwhile, other universities offer refunds only in extreme circumstances.

Some of these unis offer a 14-day cool-off period, wherein students can claim a refund for any reason. Afterwards, refunds will only be considered in circumstances like “having your visa revoked.” In many cases, it’s highlighted that simply “changing your mind” does not warrant a refund – despite there being a number of reasons someone might do so.

None of the universities mentioned immediately responded to my request for comment. 

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