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Every iconic Love Islander that needs to guest judge on Drag Race UK

Ekin-Su could replace RuPaul at this point

Love Island is straight culture. Infamously, ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri wrote off ever introducing LGBTQ+ people to Love Island as “logistically difficult”. Despite this, and rather miraculously, every season still somehow manages to gift us some of the most iconic women reality TV has ever seen – whose headstrong nature, zinging one liners and innate campness leads to them being embraced by queer culture. This year, the girlies are girlying harder than ever – and I got my pen out and wrote up the 10 Love Island Islanders I think would slay a guest judge spot on the Drag Race panel. Here begins said list!


God-Su has carried this season on her beautiful back, and for that I am eternally grateful. I genuinely think Ekin-Su has changed the trajectory of my life forever and that I will not go another day where I don’t think of her. She’s perfect reality TV and also a lovely human being in equal measure. I need her on Drag Race more than any other Islander because the gays have taken her in and embraced her and she would thrive on the panel. I’m thinking a soap-style acting challenge with Ekin as the coach and then her on the panel after.

Let’s go the whole hog and have a Night of 1000 Ekin-Sus runway. The bridal look? The Mother-Su jumpsuit? I have goosebumps thinking about this and I am manifesting it into reality.

Chloe Burrows

Chloe Burrows was 2021’s Love Island queen of chaos, and she’s made no bones about the fact she absolutely LIVES for RuPaul’s Drag Race. She even went to Drag Con UK! Give the girl what she wants, Ru!

Amber Gill

Amber Gill is a straight talking icon and I feel like she’d actually have the best critiques for the queens. Also I just want to hear more Geordie accents on a Drag Race panel. Ever since Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini-NowjustCheryl said “love made me do it, Ru!” on season one I’ve hungered for more.

Kaz Kamwi

She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment. Just look at her Insta – she serves exclusively LOOKS. Toots. Some shoots! I need Kaz giving her full runway critiques as a matter of urgency.

Maura Higgins

Love Island Drag Race

I fear the queens of Drag Race would be left quaking after Maura Higgins critiqued them because this icon does not mince her words – and why should she? Every word is legendary. She’s just done a stint hosting on Glow Up Ireland so she knows exactly what she’s looking for makeup wise.


I’m not sure if Danica realises how camp she actually is, but rest assured when she leaves the villa I will be telling her. Her HR ways and jobsworth vibes are so funny and I need her to bring the enthusiasm and workaholic pep she brings to ever conversation she ever has on Love Island to the Drag Race panel NOW.

Olivia Attwood

The Attwood: I’m done with the judges critiques now!
RuPaul: Sit back down.
The Attwood: I’m sat.

Gemma Owen

The best communicator in the Love Island villa 2022 would just give the most direct advice and critiques to the queens. I can feel it. There’s a nonchalant campness to Gemma Owen amplified by her deadpan vibes and I absolutely love it.

Megan Barton-Hanson

Love Island Drag Race

As one of the few openly LGBTQ+ Islanders, I’m quite shocked Megan Barton-Hanson hasn’t been given a guest judging slot on the show yet. I went to the Drag Race UK season three finale party and Megan was there, she loves the show and she’d nail it. She told me so herself! Get her on, laydeh!


Love Island Drag Race

Okay, a bit rogue, but go with it. Coco Lodge is the underrated queen of Love Island 2022 and her notoriously licked tit has changed the trajectory of the world. She’s an agent of chaos, an honest icon and I love her. Or whatever.

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