All the things that go down in the Love Island Beach Hut you definitely had no idea about

Wait, there’s more than one Beach Hut?!

A Love Island producer has revealed that when in the Beach Hut, the Islanders never get to see see who they are talking to and instead are speaking to a camera and only get to hear the producer’s voice. Over the years, ex Love Island contestants have revealed all the secrets there is to know about the infamous Beach Hut the Islanders go to when they want to vent about other contestants and their time in the villa.

Beach Hut producer, Mo, has spoken about how he and the Love Island contestants communicate with each other when they go into the famous Beach Hut. In an interview, he said: “A little fact for you, I’m not actually in the villa with them. I’m in a gallery over there and I’ve got my own little voice box where I will be able to talk to the Islanders. What they do is they talk to a camera directly and they can hear my voice booming in – so I’ll be asking them generic questions like ‘how’s it going today?’ or ‘how’s life in the villa today?’

“And they are talking down the lens and basically talking to me but they can just hear my voice. So they have never actually seen me. It’s a safe haven and safe space for them to vent or talk about what’s going on in the Island. I’m here to make sure they feel comfortable and can express all the emotions.”

Love Island 2019 contestants Jordan Hames and Danny Williams revealed a secret about the Beach Hut in the villa that viewers don’t realise. Jordan said: “There are two Beach Huts. You can’t tell when you watch it but there are two Beach Huts – one upstairs and one downstairs.” Danny revealed that the Islanders get called to the Beach Hut via speakers dotted around the villa. He said: “There is a tannoy. There are speakers everywhere and production will speak over the tannoy.”

Casa Amor bombshell Jourdan Riane shared that if there was drama with someone, they would go to the Beach Hut first. She said: “Normally after there’s been a bit of drama that person will go straight to the Beach Hut so they can catch their live reaction. Or at the end of the night you will go to the Beach Hut and do a little review of your day and speak about the events of the day. They also call you to the Beach Hut to make sure you’re okay.

“If there’s been a lot happening or if they see that you’re upset, they call you to the Beach Hut to just check mentally, physically and emotionally you’re okay.”

2018 contestant Laura Anderson said the Islanders finally get the chance to meet the Beach Hut producers at the Love Island wrap party. But when in the villa, Laura explained how often they visit the Beach Hut in a day. She said: “You go in a lot. You would go in, I’d say first thing in the morning, just a general, ‘how are you?’, and if something big had happened, they’ll call you in straight away to discuss it. And we’d always go in before bed.

“If we had an argument or something, they would pull me in specifically for that.”

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