Love Island movie night ranked

All the 2022 Love Islanders ranked by who came out looking the worst after movie night

No episode of TV has ever made me this seething

If you thought the anger you felt after Friday’s clickbait Love Island episode that made us all believe that was going to be movie night when we got a The Tasha & Andrew Show instead was rampant, after last night’s episode Friday became a happy distant memory. Last night’s episode of Love Island was one of the most furious hours of my life – a watch that left your mouth agog as you soak into the disbelief at the double standards, the mayhem and the weird behaviour. Not one man emerged from movie night unscathed – here’s all the 2022 Love Island cast ranked by how well they fared during the most explosive and rage inducing episode yet.

8. All the girls

Not one of these girls did a thing wrong, but from the way the boys behaved you’d think they’d just burnt down an orphanage. I think one of the highlights of this season amongst the sea of horrible behaviour and pack mentality from the lads is that the girls absolutely have each other’s backs. All of them came out of movie night looking rational. They deserve better than the idiots they’ve been lumped with.

7. Adam Collard

You know we’re in the direst of straits when Women’s Aid statement receiver Adam Collard is emerging as the most wholesome male option in the villa. If that doesn’t help you see the gravity of the situation we’re in, I don’t know what will. Adam Collard not ranked as the worst during Love Island movie night! Pigs will fly next.

6. Deji

Love Island movie night ranked

We thought he was one of the good ones. A neutral party giving us lovely and meme-worthy reaction faces. And then he pipes up and ruins it all with a comment about Ekin-Su, saying “She’s going to lie either way.” And what do you know on that matter, sir, may I ask? Keep it cute and mute with the shocked faces next time please!

5. Andrew

Love Island movie night ranked

When Mr “Sucked her tit or whatever, licked her tit or whatever” is emerging from Love Island movie night ranked pretty rationally, start worrying. When he saw the clips of Tasha and of his own antics, both him and his new official girlfriend were pretty chill about it all – a refreshing change from their usual melodrama. But the way he piped up to Indiyah? We will not stand for it.

4. Billy


I had high hopes for Billy, but I should have known better. No man who spends the last two episodes wearing the suit equivalent of a Wetherspoon’s plate deserves your time or attention. Instead of defending Gemma, who was absolutely innocent despite the fact Luca was behaving like she deserved the Salem Witch Trials, Billy chose to remain on team LAD for the post Love Island 2022 movie night fallout. Assuming this is because Gemma didn’t reciprocate his flirts. Dreadful.

3. Davide

I am over Davide and Ekin-Su. Free her. Because she is allowed to do not a crumb of anything without being branded a LYERRR, whereas Davide can get through anything with a free pass. It’s vile and there’s no accountability. She needs to swerve him off. My queen does not need to move mountains for his exhausting approval anymore.

2. Dami

No one has quite had a fall from grace like Dami. His behaviour during the Love Island movie night for 2022 really sealed his fate – there’s no way back. Heckling the girls when their clips were airing like he wasn’t having three way kisses? Shouting at Summer to shut up when she called out his behaviour? Being a generally slimy little weasel? I am seething. If Indiyah can’t see what he’s like after all that I don’t even know what to tell her.

1. Luca

For someone that spent the entire of Casa Amor on a righteous high horse, sleeping outside despite the fact no one (including Gemma) wanted him to or expected him to, Luca really emerged from the Love Island movie night of 2022 looking truly terrible. He encouraged every lad to stray from the girls they were coupled up with, and then laughed and guffawed his way through every other clip until he saw something he didn’t like.

He then behaved disgracefully towards Gemma and tried to make her feel like she did something wrong because Billy found her attractive. Paige calling him a “boring bastard” was euphoric. I hope Gemma cuts him off because she deserves better, as does every single one of these girls. What a disaster.

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