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Lottie Lion has accused Hugo Hammond of ‘screaming in her face’ after trying to kiss her

Hugo Hammond has posted a statement denying all allegations


The Apprentice alum Lottie Lion has accused Hugo Hammond of “screaming in her face” and saying “I’ve bought you drinks and got you drunk for nothing” after she declined his romantic advances on a night out. Hugo Hammond has denied all claims.

In a TikTok video posted on Saturday, Lottie duetted a video from another girl who has claimed Hugo Hammond called her ugly on a night out. She then goes on to say: “I’ve been asked to do this literally 80 times, so, story time, let’s go. Sorry it took me ages to get round to doing it, I had to check with my legal advisor that I’d be okay doing this. In December, I received a message from Hugo asking me to go and join him and his friends on a night out in Bristol so I went.

“When I got there, we started getting along quite well, buying quite a few drinks, having a bit of a dance, having a laugh. I went to sit down, and at this point we’ve been together for three or four hours. After we sat down, we’re having a bit more of a laugh and he tries to kiss me. Despite the fact that we’re getting along quite well, I’m like, ‘Oh sorry, I’m just not feeling that.’ Initially he’s respectful, backs off, carries on talking. Less than five minutes later he tries again, and again I’m like ‘Sorry, not interested.’

“And then again, he tries to kiss me. And when I push him off of me, he screams in my face ‘So you’ve been wasting my entire time this whole f*cking evening and I’ve bought you drinks and got you drunk for nothing.’ He then says he was ‘out of my league anyway’, storms off, walks over to these two girls who look just about freshly 18 years old, grabs them both by the back of the heads and forces them to kiss each other.”

Lottie then goes on to say she left at that point and told the security team of the club to keep an eye on the two girls. Lottie Lion then claims she woke up and Hugo Hammond had blocked her on social media. “You should always be careful if someone brands themselves as ‘the nice guy’,” Lottie says. “Because actions speak louder than words.”

On 19th July, Hugo Hammond’s team posted a statement to his TikTok story regarding the video made by Lottie Lion. The statement reads: “A message from Hugo’s team: Again, we are denying the false allegations and slander made recently. As everyone knows, there are two sides to every story and even more so in false stories fabricated for views. Not everything you see online is true. The social media industry can be a very toxic place and unfortunately filled with users with a single aim of putting others down in an attempt to elevate themselves.

“For now, we have decided that it is best for Hugo to take some time away from social media to focus on what is important; his personal relationships and his mental well-being; the later, as you can imagine, has plummeted due to his simply horrific comments being made towards him.

“For those of you that know Hugo and have met him know that he is a good human being. Don’t make someone another stat. Be kind and never assume. We hope that Hugo gets back to making his cheery, lighthearted and fun content.”

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