Will Byers’ bowl cut is truly the shining star of the show and these 19 memes prove it

Hasn’t he been through enough?

Let’s get straight into it. Will Byers hair is a heinous crime. There are no ifs or buts, it is what it is. The other characters have all had different hairstyles to show their personal style evolution and maturity, but poor Will has been stuck with the same uneven bowl cut for the last four seasons. We can only hope that justice is served in season five and he finally gets the haircut he deserves. But for now here are 19 tweets that definitively prove that Will’s haircut does indeed give off pencil vibes.

1. Me the moment I get home from the hairdressers after telling them I love my hair

2. Would honestly be an improvement on the bowl

3. Get this version to the top of the charts

4. Praying for Will to get a Princess Diaries style makeover in season five

5. First we had ‘The Rachel’ haircut and now we have ‘The Will Byers’

6. And why is it so uneven, give this kid a break

7. Will if he decides to study business at college

8. Will is the bowl and the bowl is Will

9. But why does it look so much like them for real

10. Even down the collared shirt I’m crying rn

11. This is the best fan theory so far

12. He even looks as perpetually close to tears as Will does

13. Always trust your mum’s friends to hype you up

14. It really is awful

15. Vecna’s going to surprise Will and become his barber next season

16. We stan Vector and Will in this household

17. Forehead > haircut (and yes I had to look up which symbol was the one for bigger, there’s a reason I’m studying humanities at uni)

18. She was the original blueprint

19. Vecna was behind it, he’s definitely deliberately doing Will dirty on his hair

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