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‘Best series yet’: This is what the Waterloo Road cast *actually* think of the reboot

Donte’s opinion is law, actually

With each passing day, we must be getting closer to the Waterloo Road reboot. Other than the cast and the location, we really don’t know a whole lot about what’s in store.

The last instalment of the series basically couldn’t get any more chaotic. Deaths, sex, fires and firearms – not to mention uprooting the ENTIRE SCHOOL to Scotland – were pretty much regular occurrences during its nine-year run. If season 11 can top that, I’m sold.

So, while we wait for more information to come through, here’s what the cast (old and new) have said about the reboot so far:

‘Back working in the shadow of Angela Griffin’ – Katie Griffiths (Chlo)


Photo via BBC

Shortly after the reboot was announced, Katie Griffiths (who played the ICONIC Chlo Charles in the first few series) posted a cute tribute to her co-stars on Instagram.

“So so so good to be back on set today!” she wrote. “Back at @waterlooroad. Back working with and in the shadow of @theangelagriffin.”

She also posted a photo of herself and on-screen husband Adam Thomas, saying: “We’ve not changed a bit.”

‘It’s going to be the best series yet’ – Adam Thomas (Donte)

waterloo road reboot

Photo via ITV

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Waterloo Road legend Adam Thomas (who’ll be returning as Donte Charles) didn’t hold back on his love for the show.

“It’s been great fun, really good and it’s exciting to get back doing what I love and seeing some new cast and old cast as well,” he said. “It has taken me back down memory lane a little bit.”

His real-life niece, Scarlett, will play the daughter he shares with wife Chlo. Adam told Heat: “We’ve had so much fun on set together. It’s her first acting job, so I’m so lucky to be able to share in this moment with her.”

‘It’s going to be so different’ – Angela Griffin (Kim)

kim waterloo road cast reboot

Photo via BBC

Playing her cards close to her chest, Angela Griffin hasn’t let on much about the reboot. Her staple character, Kim Campbell, is legendarily making a comeback as the school’s headteacher.

Speaking to Daily Star, Angela said: “It’s bloody brilliant, she’s very different this time. What’s happened to Kim in the last six years? You’ll have to wait to find out when it comes back. She’s a different person, definitely. Things have happened, and it all comes out when we come back.”

‘Exciting times!!’ – Kym Marsh (Nicky)

waterloo road reboot

Photo via Ireland AM

Soap queen Kym will be joining the reboot as Nicky Walters – Waterloo Road’s new dinnerlady. On revealing her role, she wrote on Instagram: “I am absolutely delighted to be joining @waterlooroad and can’t wait to get started!!

“It’s going to be so lovely working back in good old Manchester again!! Exciting times!!”

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