Adam Collard Love Island return

Is Adam Collard returning to Love Island tragic or iconic? A scientific investigation

Much to think about x

I do not think I have come down from the adrenaline rush high and waves of disbelief that washed over me when it was announced that Adam Collard would be making a return to Love Island. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, saw this on the horizon. It was not on any bingo cards for Love Island 2022 – not a whiff of it on the gossip grapevine. And yet in he strolled, bold as brash, like nothing had ever changed. It’s a big move from producers to introduce Love Island alumni, particularly when that alumni is as notorious as Adam Collard. But is it for the best? Is the return of Adam tragic desperation or iconic TV? Here’s a scientific investigation into the unprecedented Love Island return of Adam Collard.

Reasons why it’s a bit tragic

If you’re the womaniser you say you are, why are you back?

Adam Collard is fit. End of. But if you’re really the lad you say you are when it comes to your love life, do you really need to come back into the villa to find romance all over again? Can’t you just use your Z-list celeb status and go out on the pull around Newcastle?

Weird dynamic

Adam Collard being, well, Adam Collard means that all the Islanders have a preconception of him from the TV they’ve seen of him in the past. It makes the power dynamic a bit off. They know more about him than he does of them, and the way they talk to him is different. They talk to him exactly how you’d talk to a quite notorious cast member of the biggest reality show on TV. Because that is what he is!

Just a bit uncool, really

Despite rolling in with endless sexy swagger, there’s just something desperately uncool about the whole charade of returning to Love Island with moderate sights on disrupting the best love affair of all time: Davide and Ekin-Su. I do not think Adam needed to do this. It’s just a bit naff. Thankfully, the telly is so good that I am absolutely not complaining.

Reasons why it’s actually iconic

Everyone was gagged

It’s fun to do something that’s never happened before because the reactions are massive. I loved the moment where the girls thought it was an Adam Collard impersonator. Mostly because I love the thought of them earnestly believing someone could be making a living as a fella from Love Island 2018.

It opens the door for Islander returns going forward

Basically, I will not rest, sleep or know peace until Maura Higgins and Megan Barton-Hanson strut their iconic energies right back into that villa.

It makes bloody good TV

The most wild thing about Adam Collard rolling back into the Love Island villa in 2022 is that this is the kind of twist producers drag up when they’re hard up for talking points or viewership. This season has been riveting, though – and arguably the best in years. Viewing figures have backed that – it’s the most watched season yet.

The Love Island producers really spoilt us when they chucked in Adam Collard for a big 2022 return, especially because the show was already at peak post Casa Amor drama. Titgate had barely stopped titting and then we got this! The villa in tatters, Luca ruffled, Jacques exiting and the girls barely knowing where to look – it’s perfect.

The bombshells are doing what they are intended to – and it feels like the game has been changed. Curtis Pritchard Love Island renaissance 2023, hopes and prayers. 73 per cent of you on our Instagram poll damning declared Adam Collard’s Love Island return tragic, but I’m not sure if I agree. Time will tell!

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