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Adam’s coming BACK to the villa – and these 22 memes are just as wild as he is

Quite honestly I’m still in shock

Love Island’s ultimate menace, Adam Collard, is COMING BACK TONIGHT (11th July). I’m not sure whether this was a power move by the producers or just plain silly, but either way, things are about to become even more intense.

Adam was last seen in the villa four years ago, pretty much playing a different girl every day and manipulating people en-masse. He was dumped on day 32, before going on to date Zara McDermott for a few months.

The man is a walking, talking tornado of chaos – and these 22 memes just prove it:

1. This is about to get SO chaotic

2. Protect these women at all costs!!!

3. I still refuse to accept this is real

4. Not this

5. Ffs

6. This is frankly the most dramatic season yet

7. You know what? I see it


9. This is my Marvel actually

10. The trash took itself out but somehow strolled back in

11. They need to create a new category at The Oscars for this

12. Stomping into the villa to demand Adam leave these women in peace

13. Nobody’s safe

14. Omg

15. Dami who???

16. Kinda don’t want this year’s power couple to break up – kinda do for the drama

17. We’re in danger!

18. Not a single person

19. Yep

20. Not the FOREFATHER

21. Coming soon x

22. Good point well made

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