Drag Race Down Under RuPaul

Drag Race Down Under has addressed the rumours RuPaul was green screened in via CGI

Fans on Reddit believed Ru never actually set foot on the set looool

I regret to inform you that next month Drag Race Down Under is back for season two. I say regret, because season one was unquestionably the worst season off Drag Race I’ve ever sat through. And that’s from all global franchises. But one iconic part of the show was the conspiracy theory that RuPaul never actually set foot on the Drag Race Down Under set, and instead was edited in via green screen and digital effects. A year later, cast member Art Simone and judge Rhys Nicholson have addressed the rumours.

Ru appeared on the panel not in drag

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the two confirmed that RuPaul was definitely there in person for the filming of Drag Race Down Under season one. “The most annoying thing to have come out where the show should be filmed is people thinking that RuPaul wasn’t there – Ru was there!” Rhys then went on to joke that they had to look at a “tennis ball on a stick”, which I actually think is way more iconic.

The rumours started last year on Reddit and Twitter. One said: “I feel like RuPaul isn’t actually there. It could be the weird camera angles that are making me question him actually being there but especially through the walkthrough RuPaul normally goes round the room and talks to the queens. We didn’t really see any shots of the queens and RuPaul during the Snatch Game. Does anyone agree or am I being delusional?”

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