RuPaul money per episode

Okay so this is how much money RuPaul earns per episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Spare a crumb of coin for me plz Ru x

I don’t need to tell you how astronomically massive RuPaul’s Drag Race is. It is the definition of a cultural phenomenon. For a show that started, quite literally, being filmed in the basement of World of Wonder with a Vaseline filter smeared all over the camera lens, the show has become a juggernaut. Every year across the world now, RuPaul launches the career of drag artists who will go on to make a LOT of money. But how much is Mama Ru herself taking home these days? Here is how much money RuPaul is paid per episode for RuPaul’s Drag Race and an estimation of how much he might take home for a season.

How much is RuPaul paid per episode?

Okay, so, in 2013 it was reported that RuPaul was taking home $50,000 in money per every episode of Drag Race in a season. In the unlikely situation that nearly 10 years later, with the show more than doubling in size and scope since those days, that Ru is earning the same amount it would mean that he would be taking home $800,000 for a 16 episode season. RuPaul hosts multiple seasons a year, including UK, UK Vs the World and All Stars. The figure RuPaul is pocketing will be nearing the 2 million mark at LEAST – these numbers are from before the show moved to VH1 and Paramount.

Basically, RuPaul is earning absolute BANK from Drag Race. Release the numbers, Ru! I’m nosy. And spare some coin for a skint queer in need whilst you’re at it!

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