Love Island Gossip Column: TWO bombshells tonight! And the REAL reason Gemma and Jacques split

Love Island is truly keeping us fed right now

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Afia said the Islanders don’t actually care that Gemma’s dad is Michael Owen… savage

One of the villa’s biggest mysteries this year is if the Islanders do or don’t know that Gemma’s dad is Michael Owen. In a Q&A on her Instagram, dumped Islander Afia says she did know because she had seen Gemma’s VT before she entered the villa. But savagely, she said nobody is talking about it in the villa because they simply “don’t care”. Fair enough.

She also said Gemma isn’t mentioning it that much because she’s probably already aware that the Islanders might know.

Producers apparently told Danica to pick Luca in the recoupling

All the latest gossip and news from Love Island 2022

via ITV

Love Island is already being accused of being staged this year, with one of the big moments being called out in particular. Luca and Gemma were looking like one of the most set couples in the villa, and then bombshell Danica swooped in and broke them up. However, it’s been said that the producers told her to do this, just to cause some drama.

According to MailOnline, ITV bosses convinced Danica to couple up with Luca in a bid to create drama and suspense. “Danica is a brilliant bombshell, she’s beautiful, confident, and willing to do whatever it takes to find love in the villa,” a source said.  “Producers were keen for her to steal Luca from Gemma during Friday’s recoupling, and she was totally up for it.” ITV has reportedly denied this.

On Unseen Bits, Ekin-Su showed off her accent skills and it’s jokes

Just watch the video, ok.

The real reason Gemma and Jacques broke up has been revealed

Not much has really been said about Gemma and Jacques’ relationship since he rocked up to the villa, other than Gemma saying it didn’t really end on good terms. However, today, The Sun is reporting the “real” reason they broke up, and it does give a little insight into what happened.

A source has said they broke up when Jacques decided to focus on rugby, which made their relationship long-distance, between Leeds and Cheshire. A close pal of Jacques told The Sun: “Jacques was really focussed on his rugby career. Even though he was in a relationship with Gemma, he didn’t want to let that stop him from taking the chance to play for Leeds. He moved two hours away from where she lives in Cheshire. Things between them went downhill pretty quickly while trying long-distance. They didn’t last long after that.”

They added: “Jacques wouldn’t dare get back with Gemma because all the rugby boys would give him too much stick.”

People are losing their minds because Tasha’s hair extensions are falling out

via ITV

Yes, really. Viewers are actually begging producers to step in because Tasha’s extensions have been on show. “Someone fix that girl’s hair extensions or I’ll sue the producers,” one person said. Another added: “Someone go in there and sort out Tasha’s extensions please #LoveIsland.” While a third added: “Someone tell Tasha her extension is in the side of her head… #LoveIsland.” Lol.

Ummm, apparently the Islanders are being kept up by ‘sex noises’ in the villa?

Right, so the Islanders are said to have been complaining to producers this week because they are being kept up all night by “sex noises” in the villa. They’ve been told by show bosses there’s nothing they can do, because it’s actually down to bugs loudly mating in the bushes outside the villa. No, I’m not making this up!!

An insider told the Daily Star: ‘The insects are really starting to grate on the Islanders. Their noise is just repetitive and awful and they cannot turn it off. And to make matters worse, the gang are not having sex and yet all these insects are – and they’re making a huge noise about it.” I’m….lost for words.

TWO bombshells will enter the villa tonight!

All the latest gossip and news from Love Island 2022

via ITV

And in the sneak peek section of the gossip column today, after last night’s episode we were already aware that new girl Antigoni hits the villa tonight, but she’s not alone! At the end of the episode, a mysterious new boy is entering the villa.

After new girl Antigoni goes speed dating, the girls host a cocktail party for the latest new arrival. The Islanders are getting ready for the evening when Ekin-Su receives a text which reads: “Girls, it’s time to get glam as tonight you’ll be welcoming a new boy into the villa.” The new boy soon makes his entrance as the girls head out into the garden to get to know him, while the boys watch on from the terrace. But who does he have his eye on? And what does his arrival mean for the other Islanders? 👀

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