India Ferrah Drag Race Twitter drama

Drag Race queens are publicly calling out India Ferrah on Twitter and she’s deleted her account

‘She thinks I can’t keep her name out of my mouth, yet she can’t keep plaque out of hers 🦷’

There’s been a load of Drag Race drama on Twitter, and it’s very messy. Like a lot of Drag Race drama, it’s revolving around India Ferrah – a queen who seems to professionally get wrapped up in shady tweets and blocking sprees. Over the last few days, several queens have had a spat with India which has resulted in her fully deactivating her Twitter account. Here’s everything that’s happened with the India Ferrah Drag Race Twitter drama.

It started with the India and Derrick Barry beef

India Ferrah and Derrick Barry have had a problem with each other since All Stars 5 (“You’re a LIAR, and that’s why Derrick don’t like you”), and over the last few days the beef has resurfaced on Twitter.

India tweeted “So very thankful I work for myself and that I’m not a ‘slave’ for someone paying pennies whilst other cast members are making 10x the amount of pay you are. Go enjoy the rest of the shows you’ve got this year, you’re going to need each and every one of them.”

Derrick Barry seemingly responded with: “Busy on tour this weekend! Can’t wait to get back to Vegas. So thankful I have shows for the rest of the year to look forward to…” Derrick then tweeted: “All this because I said the word no.”

The killer blow then came when Derrick tweeted “She thinks I can’t keep her name out of my mouth, yet she can’t keep the plaque out of hers.”

Meatball, from season one of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, responded with this image:

Shea Couleé then called out India Ferrah’s original tweet for using the word slave on Juneteenth, the annual commemoration of the end of slavery in America, saying “The choice to say you’re not a ‘slave’ on Juneteenth is truly camp. You’ve outdone yourself, sis.”

India responded saying “Oh here we go, I forgot I can’t tweet anything without it being racist or taken offensively. Thank you for reminding me why I don’t play the games y’all choose to play. Not all of us are perfect.” Shea then quoted India’s tweet, saying “You wanna talk the talk, but you deleted it very quick, didn’t you?”

Referencing All Stars 5, India went on saying: “Yes because just like on AS5 you turned something into something it was not – very you, sis.” Shea then cleared India Ferrah in the final tweet of the Drag Race drama before India deleted her Twitter account, saying: “You literally lied and got caught up in your shenanigans. But blame me for your downfall. Good luck with all your bookings. I hear Shark Week is going to be amazing this year.”

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Featured image credit: @indiaferrah

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