Beyoncé Break My Soul memes

We’re crazy in love with the new Beyoncé song Break My Soul and these 22 memes prove it

You won’t break her soul, but you might break her streaming records

Surviving the Beyoncé studio album drought has been the longest slog of any of our worthless lives. We all have known for nearly a week that Act i: Renaissance, Beyoncé’s seventh record, would be coming end of July. But what we didn’t know when an Instagram bio update broke the internet is that Renaissance’s lead single would be being released TODAY. Today is the day where the new era of Queen Bey has its coronation – and these Twitter memes and reactions to the new Beyoncé single Break My Soul prove she’s still the high priestess of the music industry.

1. New diss title just dropped

2. I like the Drake album but we all know Bey hits different

3. Give us the choreography I beg!

4. A life changer

5. Beyoncé you can tell me to do anything and I will do it

6. Queen

7. There is nothing we aren’t releasing

8. She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

9. Okay yes let’s talk about the prices x

10. Such is her power


12. Not today you big, whopping bores

13. Comrade Knowles

14. Comedy queen

15. That she did

16. No it’s true, we are

17. Live footage of me

18. What’s the point of anyone else even releasing?

19. Charli boobs will be getting thrown everywhere

20. For Pride Month

21. Huge vibes

22. The summer spirit hath shifted I fear

When you’ve finished loling at the memes, stream Break My Soul –  the new single by Beyoncé – here.

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