Here are the 36 most annoying things about your best friend’s boyfriend

32. He thinks he knows everything about politics and won’t talk about anything else

If you’ve been binge watching the BBC adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love, you’ll be more than aware of the drama thrown up by “the best friend’s boyfriend”.

In the TV series, main character Maggie struggles to deal with her best friend Birdy’s new boyfriend. He’s always at their flat, sends Birdy ridiculously over-the-top gifts, and even gets involved in fights between Maggie and Birdy.

It’s a relatable watch for anyone who has lost their best friend to the clutches of a man before, and even more so, it’s a reminder that men are just generally annoying.


An infuriating scene

The relationship between the best friend and the boyfriend is always a complicated one. On the one hand, you want to be happy for your friend and have some sort of friendship with him too. On the other hand, he’s an irritating bore who always seems to be around like a bit of bathroom mould that won’t go away no matter how many times you bleach it.

It can be hard to see what she sees in him at times.

If you are no stranger to this weird little love triangle, here’s a relatable list of the 36 most annoying things that you best friend’s boyfriend does:

1. You trip over his ridiculously big shoes in your hallway

2. He leaves the toilet seat up when he visits

3. He uses your shower and clogs the drain with his hair

4. He uses all your milk for his coffees

5. He cooks the plainest dinners and then leaves your kitchen a mess


Apparently men are incapable of washing up

6. He makes snarky comments and judges you for still being in your pyjamas at 2pm

7. He takes over the organisation of big events like her birthday, when that’s your job

8. He replaces you on her family holidays

9. He leaves random glasses of water around your flat

10. He ruins girls’ night by either a) texting her the entire time or b) actually showing up


Who’s the real third wheel here?

11. He can ruin her mood in one single text, which then ruins your day too

12. He treats her like a precious delicate flower when you’ve literally seen her try to fight a bouncer

13. You have to hear about all the annoying things he does, and there’s a lot of them

14. You have to hear about all the nice things he does, and it’s annoying

15. His existence reminds you that you’re very much single


I prefer the gin tbh

16. He gets involved in your arguments when it’s none of his business

17. He’s turned your once crazy and wild bestie into someone who orders soft drinks and leaves the club at 1am

18. You have to hear his awful sex noises through the wall

19. When you FaceTime her, he’s in the room too

20. He thinks she enjoys things like going on hikes and camping, when you know that’s her idea of hell


Never seen her happier

21. He gets annoyed when she tells you details about their relationship

22. You have to hang out at his flat with his immature and gross friends

23. You have to suffer through him mansplaining his degree to you even though you didn’t really ask in the first place

24. You have to just stand there like a lemon while he hugs and kisses her

25. He tries to make small talk with you in the mornings when you’re hungover af


Do not disturb

26. He farts and burps while you’re in the room

27. He takes up so much of the pavement when you’re walking as a three that you have to walk in front

28. He also makes her walk slower than usual because apparently people in love can only walk at a leisurely pace

29. He insists on taking over the speaker and playing his awful music at pres

30. He hates Taylor Swift


How dare you hate on T Swizzle

31. He doesn’t remember basic facts about you such as what you study or where you’re from

32. He thinks he knows everything about politics and won’t talk about anything else

33. He makes misogynistic comments but only you seem to notice

34. He complains about having to watch Love Island with the two of you but actually loves it

35. He talks the whole way through films so you can’t hear what’s going on

36. He thinks he knows your best friend better than you do

Newsflash hun, I was here way before you and I’ll be here way after you x

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