Shea Couleé Drag Race

All five iconic Shea Couleé Drag Race verses ranked by how hard they slay

More verses than any other queen and hasn’t missed once

When Shea Couleé said she didn’t come to play she came to slay, she meant every syllable of those words. And time and time again, she’s proved exactly why she walked in with the unwavering confidence of a superstar. And although Shea gobbles up every challenge thrown at her, there’s no challenge she leaves no crumbs on than one where she gets to write and record a sickening verse. She leaves the girls in her dust, and on All Stars 7 she smashed it out the park once again. With five verses under her belt, Shea has rocked the mic more times than any other queen in the franchise – here are all five Miss Couleé Drag Race verses ranked from good to SLAY.

5. Clapback

The issue with Clapback is that the mixing is so half arsed that you can hardly hear what Shea is saying – but what she does say is a serve. Shea takes a more vocal route here than a spitting bars approach, and although it’s still a great effort it just lacks the truly iconic punch of her other four.

4. Titanic

When she closes this verse with “oops, I did it again” it’s more than a Britney Spears reference – it’s a declaration that she has once again slayed this challenge to the high heavens. How the HELL Shea wasn’t in the top two this week for her sickening verse is absolutely beyond me. The JLo lyric is a gag. It was the best of the week!

3. I’m in Love

Shea’s ode to the late Chadwick Boseman is filled with word play that helped her ascend over all the other queens she was competing against on All Stars 5, even if I have the biggest soft spot for Alexis Mateo’s iconic DADDY YANKEE moment. I love that she says he rocks her kitty world, to keep it in the big cat panther world. I will never shut up about the genius of “I’m dreaming about Wakanda life we’ll lead.” It should be studied in schools.

2. Legends

“That’s right you saved the best for life” is how you barge onto a verse, because it’s true. Out of five of the Shea Couleé Drag Race verses, she’s been the one to close it four times. The producers KNOW she can’t be beaten! This is almost Shea’s best verse ever, the sheer power of the “Dripped in designer, hot on fire, strutting down the runway building my empire” is just jawdropping. Serve of the century.

1. Category Is…

Shea outdid Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan THEE Stallion in 40 seconds. Period. It’s just… ridiculously good. Every word is perfectly chosen, the flow varied and impactful no matter if she’s taking her time or rapping faster than the speed of light. The puns? The rhyme scheme? It can not be touched and it can not be beaten. Shea Couleé is the one true master of Drag Race verses – and her Category Is slay is the best of the best.

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