Locals who live near Glastonbury are renting out their home for £16k during the festival

Hmm, might stick with my coach ticket and trusty pop-up tent

Local residents who live near Glastonbury are offering up their home for a whopping £16k during the five day festival, according to AirBnB. That’s about £3.2k a night!

The four-bedroom “party house” will cost £16,048 for the festival’s duration and is advertised as only a ten-minute walk from the Pyramid Stage.

Last time I checked the back of the crowd at the Pyramid Stage was a ten-minute walk from the Pyramid Stage.

The house boasts “fresh toilets, hot baths, great beds, comfortable furniture, a functioning kitchen and a private garden.”

Tbf it looks really nice and it has “fresh toilets” (Airbnb)

Other properties in Pilton, Somerset are available for prices that will make even the most anti-portaloo festival-goer suck up their pride and dip that cup back in the sawdust.

One “rustic gem” of a property houses eight people and will cost £9,725 for the festival dates, while another one-bedroom cottage is going for £6,222.

A homeowner who advertised their house listing on Facebook attempted to explain why prices are so high.

”Regarding price, let’s just clear a few things up,” they wrote. “The majority of rented property in Pilton and surrounding areas during the festival is booked out for crew, news teams etc.

“Therefore the prices are high, so yes if it’s you and a few mates staying it will seem a lot of money whereas the larger companies are more than happy to pay these amounts which is why you see properties in Pilton go for £5,000 plus.

“I do appreciate the comments about it costing a lot but these are the prices that the properties fetch which why it’s set at the amount it is.”

Featured image: Shutterstock / marietta peros

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