Beyoncé lyrics quiz

Only Blue Ivy herself could get 11/11 in this Beyoncé lyrics quiz

Unless you have a Sia in the basement, you’re on your own

A new Beyoncé album is POTENTIALLY coming soon – which means it’s time to accurately memorise an unspecified number of lyrics and dance routines for when she inevitably drops a hyper-expensive new world tour on us. With a brand new Beyoncé lyrics quiz. You’re welcome.

Beyoncé has released six solo albums over the years, tons with Destiny’s Child and one joint project with her husband, Jay-Z. So, we’ll go easy on you.

You could be forgiven for not knowing Beyoncé’s songs as much as I do. I used to run home from school to listen to 4 and self-titled, cover-to-cover, learn the choreography and make everyone listen to ***Flawless during doss lessons. Sufficed to say, I had no mates.

So, do you know your Single Ladies from your Beautiful Liars? What do Crazy in Love, Dangerously in Love and Drunk in Love each have in common? Test your knowledge with our very scientific Beyoncé lyrics quiz. And don’t come running to us if the Beyhive track you down.

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