Drag Race winners Instagram followers

Every Drag Race winner from around the world, ranked by their Instagram popularity

The queen in first place has 2.8 MILLION followers

Instagram is a great place to see drag thrive. When you finish a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and mama Ru puts that crown on the deserving drag legend’s head – social media is the most easily accessible way to keep up to date with everything the winning queen does during her reign and beyond. Of course, Instagram isn’t the be all and end all – the best way to support queens is to see them live, and some winners prioritise their shows over a meticulously crafted Insta feed. But it’s still a good way to gage the general popularity of Drag Race franchise winners, and this is every queen who’s ever won a crown ranked by their eye-wateringly massive Instagram followers count!

James Ross (formerly Tyra Sanchez) hasn’t been included, as since winning season two James has now retired from drag and deleted / is inactive on all social media.

34. Natalia Pliacam: 26,900 followers (Drag Race Thailand season one)

33. Angele Anang: 46,000 followers (Drag Race Thailand season two)

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The fandom are really doing the Drag Race Thailand dirty follower count wise, huh?

32. Sharonne: 69,200 followers (Drag Race España season two)

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The most recent crowned queen, and one of the most talented to ever hit a Drag Race stage. Quote me!

31. Vanessa Van Cartier: 71,700 followers (Drag Race Holland season two)

30. Elektra Bionic: 75,1o0 followers (Drag Race Italia season one)

29. Icesis Couture: 115,000 followers (Canada’s Drag Race season two)

I’m not sure why season two of Canada’s Drag Race didn’t get huge in a mainstream sense like season one did, perhaps because it aired mostly on WOW Presents Plus – but Icesis deserves to be huge on Instagram. She SERVES.

28. Kita Mean: 118,000 followers (Drag Race Down Under season one)

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The rightfully crowned queen in a season of endless mistakes.

27. Carmen Farala: 193,000 followers (Drag Race España season one)

How Carmen Farala doesn’t have about 10 million Insta followers is beyond me, her looks are major and she’s STUNNING.

26. Krystal Versace: 235,000 followers (Drag Race UK season three)


25. Envy Peru: 334,000 followers (Drag Race Holland season one)

24. Priyanka: 429,000 followers (Canada’s Drag Race season one)

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How Priyanka isn’t in the top 20 is madness – she’s one of the most lovable queens in the franchise!

23. Blu Hydrangea: 439,000 followers (UK Versus the World)

The current reigning queen of the mothertucking world, and Ireland’s first ever queen to snatch the “crine”!

22. Lawrence Chaney: 463,000 followers (Drag Race UK season two)

The first ever Scottish crowned queen!

21. The Vivienne: 501,000 followers (Drag Race UK season one)

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How our Viv isn’t in the millions is criminal. Are you seeing her slay All Stars 7?!

20. Bebe Zahara Benet: 532,000 followers (Season one)

Rakatatiti-ta-ta! Kicking off the top 20 Drag Race winners with the most Instagram followers is Bebe, the first ever queen to win a season EVER!

19. Chad Michaels: 553,000 followers (All Stars 1)

The first ever All Stars Winner. “I’m a fucking Oscar winner!”

18. Kylie Sonique Love: 630,000 followers (All Stars 6)

The first ever transgender winner of a Ru-fronted season, a little bit of an icon if you ask me!

17. Willow Pill: 656,000 followers (Season 14)

Take a willow pill, are her sick looks leaving you feeling ill? The most recent crowned queen of the mainline mothership series.

16. Jaida Essence Hall: 886,000 followers (Season 12)

Look over there! It’s the sight off Jaida not having nearly enough Instagram followers as she should have – she’s one of the most sickening Drag Race winners in the game. All Stars 7 is proving that!

15. Sharon Needles: 1 million followers (Season four)

14. Raja: 1 million followers (Season three)

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My favourite queen of ALL TIME, if anyone cares.

13. Yvie Oddly: 1.1 million followers (Season 11)

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12. Symone: 1.1 million followers (Season 13)

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11. Monét X Change: 1.1 million followers (All Stars 4)

Not the twinners almost twinning with their Drag Race winners Instagram followers count!

10. Trinity the Tuck: 1.2 million followers (All Stars 4)

Just ahead of Monét, Trinity THEE Tuck kicks off the most followed top 10!

9. Jinkx Monsoon: 1.3 million followers (Season five)

This is a place for LEGENDS.

8. Shea Couleé: 1.5 million followers (All Stars 5)

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SLAY Couleé indeed!

7. Bob the Drag Queen: 1.6 million followers (Season eight)

Honestly, I’m shocked Bob isn’t in the top three.

6. Aquaria: 1.7 million followers (Season 10)

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5. Sasha Velour: 1.8 million followers (Season nine)

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4. Alaska: 1.8 million followers (All Stars 2)

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3. Violet Chachki: 2 million followers (Season seven)

Violet Chachki kicks off the top three with the first of all the Drag Race winners ranked here to get to 2 million Instagram followers. In her own words, she’s a one of a kind collectible who’s very “aesthetically pleasing.”

2. Bianca Del Rio: 2.5 million followers (Season six)

Not a shock in sight here. It’s BIANCA DEL RIO.

1. Trixie Mattel: 2.8 million followers (All Stars 3)

It’s giving global phenomenon, honeyyyyyy.

Featured image credit: @sheacoulee / @violetchachki / @ageofaqauria

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