The Stranger Things creators have said they regret killing off Chrissy but she had to die

Her death is connected with Max’s survival!!

The Stranger Things creators always hit the nail on the head when it comes to bringing in iconic new characters. This season saw so many but one of them, Chirssy, didn’t get anywhere near enough time as she should’ve had. The show’s creators, The Duffer brothers, have said they regret killing her off but her death was vital to the plot.

Chrissy had huge potential to play an ongoing part, especially because Eddie’s storyline has lived beyond the first volume. Their relationship didn’t have the best start, considering she met with him to buy drugs but they had undeniable chemistry between them. She was also the first victim of Vecna, brutally killed in front of Eddie and tortured in her mind. So why did she have to die? Here’s everything the Duffer brothers have said about the death of Chirssy in Stranger Things four:

Chrissy’s death was vital for Max’s survival

Even though the drug deal scene in the woods between Eddie and Chrissy took place fairly early in Stranger Things four, it was filmed pretty late in the process which meant her fate was already sealed. Matt Duffer said: “We always have those moments of ‘what have we done?’.”

The Duffer brothers said Chrissy had to die because otherwise Eddie wouldn’t learn about the Upside Down and the rest of the group wouldn’t be aware of the fact bad things were happening again. And as a result, they wouldn’t have had the clues they needed to save Max. It’s mad how everything is connected, right?

Max’s survival, via Netflix

Matt Duffer said the drug-deal scene “came alive in a way that was just so beautiful”. He says: “It was just one of those beautiful scenes where we were able to have two cameras rolling capturing them simultaneously. Joe was doing a lot of stuff spontaneously and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace.”

Apparently fans can expect some sort of endgame in volume two. Ross Duffer says: “That’s what’s really exciting to us about this season. We had a lot of fun in season three, but now it’s really serious in terms of actually starting to peel back the layers of this mythology. And as you get these answers, you really see what we’re headed towards, a very clear destination and toward the end of Stranger Things.”

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