Stranger Things characters quiz

Only Eleven herself could correctly name everyone in this niche Stranger Things characters quiz

Never seen these people before in my life

Stranger Things has one of the biggest ensemble casts not just on Netflix, but on TV as a whole. Every season, its cast grows and grows – with people who started off as guest or recurring roles getting added to the main gang as the show goes on. But what about the characters who aren’t front and centre battling the monsters of the Upside Down? What about the smaller residents of Hawkins who might’ve slipped your mind. Think you’re a Stranger Things super fan? Well, you can only call yourself one if you get full marks on this niche Stranger Things characters quiz.

Do you know the name of Eleven’s sister? The name of doctors in Hawkins lab? The name of Hawkins High School classmates of our gang who fell victim to the Mind Flayer? What’s the name of Eleven’s biological mother? WHAT’S DUSTIN’S ICONIC MUM CALLED? If you think these are easy, take this niche Stranger Things characters quiz and try the rest on for size.

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