Rebel Wilson coming out

These reactions to Rebel Wilson coming out prove why we still need Pride

Comments like these stop queer people from coming out


In an Instagram post shared yesterday, Rebel Wilson revealed she is in a relationship with another woman.

Any decent person will understand how much bravery a move like that took. Coming out is never a simple decision, it takes a long time and often needs a lot of self-acceptance to bring yourself to a place where you consider other people might accept you too.


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The response to Rebel Wilson coming out has been mixed to say the least. Thankfully she limits comments on her posts so at least that was a safe space for her. However reactions on Twitter have been downright homophobic and vile. It’s exhausting to read as a queer person.

Not to mention many people have been linking Rebel coming out with her weight-loss journey – they are using it as an excuse to be fatphobic and spread hate. In response to TMZ’s article reporting Rebel coming out, one person wrote: “Now that she’s skinny, of course she can get laid.” A completely pointless and violent comment which says a lot more about the person who wrote it than the person it’s aimed at.

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GB News also covered Rebel Wilson coming out and as I’m sure you can imagine, the comments were disgusting. One person shared a photo which essentially says the article was “LGBT propaganda” being shoved in their face.

Another person asked whether Rebel was “going to go lipstick or lumberjack”. People don’t realise how harmful stereotypes like these are. Comments like these only fuel he fear we feel before coming out – they make queer people want to stay closested.

Rebel Wilson coming out

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Also people are straight up claiming this was a career move and Rebel Wilsom wanted to come out and get a girlfriend in the hopes of landing an acting job. Someone said: “She was running out of work”.

And don’t even get me started on the homophobic slurs. A Twitter account called Big Barry with two England flags in their name said: “Poof”.

Rebel Wilson coming out

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The abuse Rebel Wilson has had to endure after coming out and telling the world she’s got a girlfriend is devastating. Especially when there’s people in our LGBTQ+ community who haven’t come out yet – reading this hate will crush them. Every single negative reaction to Rebel Wilson, or any queer person coming out, proves why we still need Pride.

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