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This is what the Glee cast is up to now, seven years after the show ended

So many of them are parents

It’s been seven years since Glee finally ended, and honestly some of those chaotic scenes will forever stay imprinted on my mind. Artie wheeling himself into the pool? I’ll never forget it. However, clearly the Glee cast has moved on from those days of pretending to be 17 year olds obsessed with show choir competitions, so what exactly are they up to now?

Well the Glee cast members are now all having babies of their own and so I feel ridiculously old. They’re all still in the showbiz world in some form or another. A number of them have podcasts whereas others are winning Emmys and Tony awards for their new work on stage and screen.

Despite it being seven years since the end of the show, a number of the cast members still appear to be friends, often appearing on each other’s Instagrams or sharing Happy Birthday messages.

This is where the Glee cast members are now:

Rachel Berry – Lea Michele

via Instagram @leamichele

Lea Michele will always be Rachel Berry, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Since Glee ended Lea has continued acting, starring in TV shows Scream Queens and The Mayor. She’s also been in a TV Christmas movie.

In 2019 Lea got married to her partner businessman Zandy Reich and the couple have one son together called Leo who was born in 2020.

2020 was also the year Lea was accused of being rude and causing “microagressions” on set by Samantha Marie Ware, who Lea worked with on the sixth season of Glee. A number of other Glee cast members also said Lea was rude during filming. Lea later apologised for her behaviour saying it was “insensitive or inappropriate” and a sign of “immaturity”.

Lea appears to still be close with two of her Glee cast members Darren Criss and Jonathan Groff.

Kurt Hummel – Chris Colfer

via Instagram @chriscolfer

Chris Colfer has had quite a major career change since Glee, instead of acting he’s now an author who has published eighteen books so far.

His first children’s book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell was published in 2012 and ever since he’s been non-stop writing children’s books.

Since 2013 Chris has been in a relationship with Will Sherrod and he still appears to be close with some of his Glee cast members including Amber Riley and Ashley Fink.

Mercedes Jones – Amber Riley

via Instagram @msamberpriley

Sorry but Amber Riley 100 per cent had the best voice in Glee, and she’s continued to sing in her post-Glee career.

In 2016 she took on the role of Effie White in the West End production of Dream Girls. A year later she joined up with Beverly Knight and Cassidy Janson to form a musical theatre group and they released an album which featured covers of iconic musical songs.

In 2020 Amber released her debut EP called Riley. She’s still mates with Chris Colfer and has 1.5million followers on Instagram.

Artie Abrams – Kevin McHale

via Instagram @kevinmchale

Kevin McHale has had quite a random career since Glee finished. He hosted the UK game show Virtually Famous on E4 for two years and in 2019 he appeared in The X Factor: Celebrity where he finished in seventh place.

Kevin has continued acting and had roles in the mini series When We Rise and an episode of American Horror Story. In 2019 he started a podcast with his Glee co-star Jenna Ushkowitz called Showmance where they rewatch episodes of Glee and share behind the scenes secrets.

Whilst filming for When We Rise in 2016 Kevin met his current partner Austin P.McKenzie and they’ve been together ever since. In 2019 Kevin released his first album called Boy.

He appears to still be friends with his Glee co-stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Heather Morris.

Tina Cohen-Chang – Jenna Ushkowitz

via Instagram @jennaushkowitz

Tina was always so underrated throughout Glee, but clearly Jenna Ushkowitz has moved on. Jenna is now more involved behind the scenes than in front of the camera. She’s been a producer on the Broadway shows Once on This Island and The Inheritance, both of which she was awarded a Tony award for.

Jenna teamed up with Kevin McHale to create a podcast about Glee, and the two are incredibly close, with Kevin serving as Jenna’s “man of honour” during her wedding.

Speaking of her wedding Jenna has been married to David Stanley since 2020 and the two welcomed their daughter together in June this year.

Quinn Fabray – Dianna Agron

via Instagram @diannaagron

Dianna Agron has not stopped acting since Glee ended seven years ago. She’s starred in the films Bare, Tumbledown, Shiva Baby, and Ralph Breaks The Internet, amongst many others.

Not only is she acting, but Dianna is also stepping behind the camera directing the film Berlin, I Love You and being a producer on the film The Laureate.

In 2015 Dianna began dating Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall and the couple got married the following year. Three years later they separated and in 2020 the couple were officially divorced.

Brittany Pierce – Heather Morris

via Instagram @heatherrelizabethh

When Heather Morris first joined Glee, she was more known as a dancer than an actress, and she’s continued to dance long after Glee.

In 2017 she competed on Dancing With The Stars and came in seventh place. Heather has done a bit of acting starring in a Christmas movie and had a cameo appearance in Raven’s Home.

Around the time of Glee ending Heather married her partner Taylor Hubbell, and they already had one son together. In 2016 she gave birth to their second son. She appears to still be close with some of the Glee cast in particular Kevin McHale.

Sam Evans – Chord Overstreet

via Instagram @chordoverstreet

Who could forget Trouty Mouth? Since Glee ended Chord Overstreet has been focusing on his music career, releasing three EPs since 2017.

He’s done some acting including a main role in an Apple TV+ series called Acapulco, starring in an episode of the Bold Type and he’s going to be a main cast member of an upcoming Christmas movie alongside Lindsay Lohan.

In 2018 Chord dated Emma Watson for a few months, but his current relationship is with actress Camelia Somers.

Blaine Anderson – Darren Criss

via Instagram @darrencriss

Darren Criss has had some impressive roles since playing Blaine Anderson. In 2018 he played Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, winning an Emmy for his performance.

He’s also starred in two other Ryan Murphy productions – American Horror Story: Hotel and Hollywood. Darren has starred in a number of other movies, TV shows and stage productions including Hedwig and the Angry Inch in 2015.

Darren married his longtime girlfriend Mia Swier in January 2018 and earlier this year the couple welcomed their first child together.

Mike Chang – Harry Shum. Jr

via Instagram @harryshumjr

Harry Shum. Jr has been busy appearing in a number of high profile projects since Glee ended. He’s had lead roles in the series Shadow Hunters, and the films All My Life, Love Hard, and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Harry appeared at the end of the Crazy Rich Asians film and is set to be the lead role alongside Gemma Chan in the upcoming sequel.

After Glee finished Harry married his longtime girlfriend actress and dancer Shelby Rabara in Costa Rica. The couple have one daughter together.

Unique Adams – Alex Newell

via Instagram @thealexnewell

Alex Newell has continued acting and singing since their iconic role on Glee as Unique. After Glee Alex starred in the Broadway production of Once on This Island and had a lead role on the show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist which ran for two seasons.

In 2016 Alex released their debut EP called Power and a number of singles. They’ve since performed at Coachella and Radio One’s Big Weekend.

On Instagram they have nearly 400,000 followers.

Jake Puckerman – Jacob Artist

via Instagram @jacobartist

Jacob Artist was a great addition to the Glee cast in season four and he’s continued to act since the show ended.

He’s had a recurring role in the TV series Quantico and starred in an episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke. Jacob has also been in the movies Blood Money and The Get Together.

He currently has just over 400,000 followers on Instagram and appears to still be close with his former Glee co-star Heather Morris.

Kitty Wilde – Becca Tobin

via Instagram @becca

Becca Tobin joined the cast of Glee in season four and has starred in a number of Hallmark Christmas movies since the show ended.

Her main project since 2015 has been as one of the hosts of the podcast “The Lady Gang” alongside Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek. The women released a book together which became an instant New York Times Bestseller.

In December 2016 Becca married Zach Martin in a ceremony officiated by Jane Lynch. Earlier this year the couple announced they had welcomed their first son Ford, via surrogacy.

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