23-year-old Indiyah is the ultimate cool girl joining the Love Island 2022 cast

I want her entire wardrobe

After what feels like the longest wait ever, Love Island is finally BACK and has some cast members who look pretty fun – but none cooler than Indiyah. 23-year-old Indiyah Polack is leaving her job as a waitress behind and is ready to bring her “good energy” and even better wardrobe to the Love Island 2022 villa.

Here’s everything you need to know about Indiyah, from her social media accounts to what gives her the ick:

Love Island 2022 cast member Indiyah is a waitress from London

23-year old Indiyah is a hotel waitress from London. According to a Q&A on her Insta stories by her loved ones who are running her social media, Indiyah’s birthday is in December and she’s a Sagittarius. Apparently she loves fashion and is a big fan of “smaller and more sustainable” brands.

There’s no two ways about it – Indiyah looks SO cool. Her Instagram shows Indiyah with some absolutely banging outfits and tbh I want to borrow them all – maybe her fellow Love Island 2022 cast will, if they’re very lucky. Her handle is @1ndiyah and Indiyah has 30k Insta followers already!! Her TikTok is @indzxo and she has 15k followers on there.

via Instagram @1ndiyah

Indiyah says she’s bringing ‘good energy’ to Love Island

Indiyah told Love Island she’s been single for a while and says it’s “hard to date without being influenced by social media”, so she’s looking forwards to the “closed space” of Love Island to “build a real connection” one-on-one. She likes meeting people in real life, saying it isn’t very “organic” to meet people online.

She says she’s “going to bring a lot of flavour and vibrancy” to the villa, calling herself down to earth, easy to get along with, and adventurous. “I’m up for anything and down for anything, so I think that’s quite a nice thing in dating someone”, she said.

Indiyah Polack Love Island 2022

via Instagram @1ndiyah

To impress people in the Love Island villa, Indiyah’s going to go for the old classic – just being herself. “I feel like that’s all I need to do to impress people. I don’t think I need to fake it or you know, be too over dramatic”, she said. “I’ve got quite good energy and I feel like if we are meant to connect, we will.”

What’s Indiyah’s type? Who knows – she calls her dating history “random” and says everyone she’s dated has been “quite different”: “I don’t think I have ever been out with two guys who are quite the same.” She’s not afraid to tread on anyone’s toes, but also says she’s not a “beg”.

“I feel like if you’re not all about me, then forget it!”, she said.

Indiyah Polack Love Island 2022

via Instagram @1ndiyah

Dirty nails give her the ick

Indiyah also said she is “picky” and maybe has “a little bit of commitment issues”. She can “definitely fall in love real quick”, but also very easily gets the ick. “If you turn me off once
then it’s a bit hard for me to pick it up again”, she said. A true woman of the people.

According to the Q&A on her Insta stories, Indiyah’s biggest icks are “burping, sagging, dirty nails”.

Her favourite ex-Love Islanders are Amber Gill, Chloe Burrows and Yewande Biala – three iconic Islanders, and if Indiyah is anything like them we’re in for an absolute TREAT.

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Featured image via Instagram @1ndiyah