Little Mix who sings quiz

QUIZ: Can you name who sings these lyrics from Little Mix’s biggest bangers?

How well do you REALLY know Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Jesy’s vocals?

Little Mix have barely been gone barely even a few weeks and all I do with every waking moment of my silly little life is miss them. I’ve been basking in their flawless discography, picking apart their bangers and ballads and thinking…GOD, the girls really have the hits. But how well do you think you really know who sings each lyric? The girls have got distinctive voices, so shouldn’t be too hard. Right? RIGHT? Well, I’m going to test you. Because I’ve crafted a quiz that will see if you know exactly who sings what lyrics to some of the biggest bangers in the Little Mix discography. You’re welcome.

We all know Jesy Nelson sings “A-ARE YOU READAY” in Bounce Back and “Oh – I – deleted – all – your – piyucks” on Shout Out To My Ex, but can you remember which other lines belong to her? Sweet Melody has some of the best songwriting in Little Mix’s catalogue – but who sings the most iconic verse? Which of their hits does THEE queen Leigh-Anne Pinnock open? And who’s belting their heads off on the bridges – is it Perrie or is it Jade? If you reckon you know, take this Little Mix who sings the lyrics quiz and see for yourself!

If this Little Mix who sings what lyrics quiz has got you in the mood for their bangers, follow this Little Mix singles playlist on Spotify here.

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