Why are people on TikTok warning others not to go to Burgess Park on 2nd June?

The Met police is aware of reports of potential violence

People on TikTok are warning others about attending Burgess Park in Peckham this Thursday 2nd June after a number of videos went viral suggesting planned violence was going to take place at the park.

TikTok users are saying the alleged “postcode war” will be like a “horror film” and for people to tell their mums they “love her” before they go to the park.

A funfair is planned for a number of days over the Jubilee weekend in Burgess Park. It’s not clear where the rumours of an alleged fight started from, however, the Metropolitan Police is aware of the online rumours.

Superintendent Dan Ivey, said: “Police are aware of information circulating on various social media channels regarding possible violence in the Burgess Park area of SE5 on Thursday, 2 June.

“This has been fed into our local policing plan which covers the entire bank holiday weekend and a visible policing presence will be seen in Burgess Park, and other key areas across Lambeth and Southwark over the course of the weekend.

“Our priority is to ensure our communities can celebrate the Jubilee weekend in safe and secure environment.”

A number of TikToks circulating claim to suggest Burgess Park is going to be “worse” than Blackheath.

In April earlier this year Blackheath funfair was “overrun” by young people, however rumours of violence were disproved and the problems were said to arise due to the sheer number of people at the fair.

Police confirmed three people were arrested for possession of offensive weapons and related offences.

Since the videos about Burgess Park began circulating parents were warned and TikToker Kayne Kawasaki released a video warning people and said he would be talking to TikTok in order to get the videos removed.

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