Christine Quinn accuses Selling Sunset producer of misconduct

She claimed he told her to ‘kill herself’

Christine Quinn has accused a Selling Sunset producer of misconduct and claimed they are not allowed to be on set with any of the women from The Oppenheim Group.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast Christine alleged multiple complaints have been made against the producer but did not clarify of what nature.

She said: “That wasn’t the first complaint I filed against him there was another complaint which means to this day he cannot step foot on set with any of the women from the office.”

Christine claimed: “This stuff does go on and ever since then he’s never been allowed to step foot on set with any of the women and he has showed retaliatory behaviour towards me since.”

via Instagram @thechristinequinn

The producer has been reached out to for comment.

During her interview Christine also alleged the producer told her to kill herself after revealing too much in an interview about Selling Sunset. She alleged they said to her: “Go fall down the stairs and kill yourself.”

When asked by podcast host Alex Cooper, why the producer had allegedly said this, Christine replied: “I did an interview, I said ‘no here’s what really happened’. To which he was threatening me, and yelling at me and there were other people around, there were witnesses to this. He basically berated me for being too honest. To which I said ‘this is my real life, this didn’t happen and you know this’.”

Netflix has also been reached out to for comment by The Tab.

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