These 37 memes about Bling Empire season two stir even more drama than Kane

I don’t care how many people know I’m obsessed with Anna Shay

Season two of Bling Empire has landed, and with any show that centres around drama and gossip, comes loads of loads of memes. This season we’ve had a lot going on with our favourite rich kids and billionaire heirs of LA.

In season two it seems like we’ve all got fed up of Kane and his gossiping, have grown to love Anna Shay even more than before and now have a new-found love for Jaime, her awkward dating scenes and her cute friendship with Anna.

Here are all the best memes about season two of Bling Empire on Netflix.

1. Pretty much

2. Honestly, I wish them nothing but the best

3. Just give me a whole episode of Anna’s dogs

4. LOOK  at her!!!

5. Mess, mess, MESS

6. Absolutely

7. Definition of icon

8. Why is he like this?

The best memes and reactions to season two of Bling Empire on Netflix

9. Ok but I love this from him

10. A million percent

11. Is this too much to ask?

12. She might just be one of the best reality TV personalities of all time


14. These two. Nothing but love


16. I NEED to be friends with her

17. Oh my god

18. What a scandal!!!!!

19. She is unmatched

20. And that’s the tweet

21. My toes were CURLING


23. I’m still not sure which

24. This was SAVAGE


26. We were ROBBED

27. She’s a natural x

28. I’m here for it though x

29. Their friendship is everything to me

30. He woke up and chose chaos

31. You have to hand it to her!!!

32. This scene really was something

33. I can’t disagree

34. Pls x

35. Ummm, make this happen???


37. Tbh though, I’m not even slightly mad

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