Kelly Mi Li is suing the producer of Bling Empire on Netflix!

She is a TV producer too, and says the show was her idea

Kelly Mi Li, star of Netflix series Bling Empire, is suing the producer of the show. She says she came up with the idea for the reality series, but hasn’t been given the credit she is entitled to.

According to People Magazine, Kelly is suing producer Jeff Jenkins – who is also known for being behind shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Simple Life. In documents obtained by the publication, Kelly claims she came up with the concept of the show and told Jenkins about it in 2018.

The lawsuit is said to claim Kelly and Jenkins worked on the show together for months, “leading to the successful sale” of it to Netflix. It claims Jenkins “took and exploited Li’s concept and materials, and entered into agreements creating obligations” that she would be paid and named an executive producer on the show.

Kelly Mi Li is suing the producer of Bling Empire on Netflix

via Netflix

If you look closely, Kelly is named as a producer in the credits of the show that run at the end of some of the episodes. However, she is further claiming she is entitled to an episodic fee of 25 percent, 100 percent of Jenkin’s executive producer fee for each episode she produced with him, and a five percent annual increase. The lawsuit adds: “Additionally, Plaintiff Li was to receive contingent compensation in the amount of 20 percent of 100 percent of the Modified Adjusted Gross received and retained from Jenkins for the Project or from any derivative work.”

Kelly and Jenkins are said to have entered a one-year agreement together in 2018, with a condition that the the agreement would be extended, should Jenkins find a buyer for the show concept. Jenkins was in talks with Netflix for the purchase of Bling Empire before this agreement expired, so she has said in her lawsuit he “failed and refused to perform” the terms in their agreement.

The exact amount Kelly Mi Li is suing Bling Empire producer Jeff Jenkins for in the lawsuit has not been disclosed. Kelly, Jeff Jenkins nor Netflix have commented.

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