Flossie Clegg boyfriend Charles Hall

Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about Flossie Clegg’s new boyfriend

They’ve already said ‘I love you’ omg

People really care about Flossie Clegg, especially since she and Olivia Neill stopped hanging around with one another so much. Her posts on social media are often completely open when it comes to talking about her mental health. She’s got a fanbase that hugely looks up to her for that specific reason, and now her fans see her happy with her new boyfriend so we’re all thrilled for her. Over the weekend she posted a TikTok kissing him and it shook everyone up. So here’s everything we know about Charles Hall, the new boyfriend of Flossie Clegg.

He’s got a film picture Instagram and takes cute photos of Flossie

Charles has a really vibey second Instagram account dedicated to posting the film photos he takes. He recently posted this photo of Flossie two weeks ago and it’s possibly the nicest thing ever.

Charles has a Instagram clothing shop too

On top of running his film account, he also has a clothes one too. That’s where Charles shares the clothes he is selling – the majority of it is vintage Stone Island.

He went to her 21st birthday celebrations earlier this year

Flossie turned 21 back in February earlier this year and whilst everyone thought there was something going on between her and Carmie, Charles was there the whole time! I am so invested in both of them. According to Flossie’s TikTok, he was trying to go on a date with her for a whole month before she agreed and when she finally did, two weeks later she says she’s in love with him. J’adore them. I could not be happier for Flossie Clegg even if I tried.


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