You crazy girl TikTok audio

Here’s the true story behind the ‘Wow, crazy, you crazy girl’ viral TikTok audio

I am such a crazy girl😌

You’ve probably heard “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl” float around on TikTok this week. The true story behind it is actually not that crazy but you know when doing quirky things just takes over your personality? Yeah the audio has that vibe to it. So here’s the real story behind the “you crazy girl” TikTok sound.

Here’s why the woman said ‘Wow, crazy, you crazy girl’ in the TikTok audio

So the original audio came from @youcancallmebeba earlier this year. It was a video of a woman, Nicole Elizabeth, filming herself whilst eating a Taco Bell chicken burrito in the car. She starts saying how she might regret what she’s going to do but then continues to dip her burrito in nacho cheese which was actually meant for the nacho fries!!! I know, so crazy! And that’s how “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl” was born.

This trend was started in all seriousness but now its made it’s way into the corner of the internet where everything and anything can be a meme. So here are some of the best interpretations of the “you crazy girl” TikTok audio.

Red flag!

@libertyTrue story♬ original sound – CallmeBeba

Building flat pack funirture alone?? You crazy girl!

@chloeburrowsWow x♬ original sound – CallmeBeba

Reading your notes app can be a sobering experience

@zuzapelaCray cray♬ original sound – CallmeBeba

This is such a mood from Lucinda

@lucinda ♬ original sound – CallmeBeba

‘Thinking about the breakdown I had before I realised I was hungry’

@bethanyfdobson Is it just me than overreacts and gets so emotional and then I realise I was just hungry 😂 #fakeface ♬ original sound – CallmeBeba

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