These 33 reactions to Netflix’s Heartstopper will send you spiralling into a gay panic

I am nothing but a gay and hollow shell since finishing Heartstopper!!

Heartstopper season one dropped under a week ago and the chokehold this show has over so many of us is no joke. The gays are screaming, crying and throwing up over Heartstopper and we’re not sorry about it!! Nick Nelson, Charlie Spring and the rest of the group had no right coming in and shaking up our LGBTQ+ worlds like this but thank god they did. Fans have been saying they cannot imagine a place for Heartstopper on our screens ten years ago and it’s so true, the show is great and validates a lot of feelings we all had as young queers.

So in honour of the best show on Netflix ever, here are 33 reactions to Heartstopper on Netflix which are all boung to send you spiralling into a gay panic.

1. Someone dare me!!

2. I am choking on my own tears rn

3. Maybe the best scene ever written?

4. Give the people what they want!!

5. Loool we’ve all been there

6. I have rewatched it twice already

7. Will we ever be okay again? Probably not

8. Charlie Spring is a SMART boy

9. ‘I want what these bithces have’

10. The attention to detail in Heartstopper is mad


12. All day, every day

13. Welcome to the best cinematic universe ever

14. What a treat

15. ‘God, I am sad, gay and alone’

16. All the time

17. Insane casting in Heartstopper

18. I would die for Sarah Nelson

19. I am Otis rn

20. End of

21. Her reaction was too good

22. ‘Screams in gay’

23. Looooool

24. It’s a vibe

25. Another one because it is excellent acting

26. The best golden retriever

27. Leave the LGBTQ+’s alone!!

28. Screaming, crying and throwing up

29. Appreciation post pending

30. So good

31. Same

32. To put things simply, this:

33. My gay crisis is never ending

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