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Heartstopper has a rating of 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes but fans aren’t shocked

I didn’t expect anything less! The show is a work of art

After dropping on Netflix last Friday, Heartstopper already has a rare rating of 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes but looking at Twitter reviews, fans aren’t shocked one bit. Since its release on Friday, the show has been praised over and over again for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity and representation.

One person on Twitter wrote: “I’ve never seen such beautiful LGBTQ+ representation on TV before. I couldn’t stop watching and was brought to tears with how real it felt. Incredible job to everyone that worked on this. And obviously 1,000 per cent recommended to everyone.”

Another person wrote: “Younger LGBT audiences finally have a good high school cliche romance about them instead of having to rely on shows about love they can’t see themselves in.”

TikToker Dom Vlogs tweeted saying how Heartstopper made him feel seen. He says: “While there are several LGBT dramas out there, none have portrayed something I’ve experienced first hand and it’s so lovely to see this being promoted to a wide, young queer audience. So proud of everyone involved.”

Someone else said it’s impossible to imagine a show like Heartstopper existing a decade ago. Another person wrote: “Heartstopper was so much more natural and digestible than other LGBT shows. There was so much love and chemistry that went into making this show. The representation is wonderful without being so overbearing that it becomes the characters’ only traits.”

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