Drag Race dramatic reunion moments

Rounding up the most dramatic RuPaul’s Drag Race reunion moments of all time

‘Your outsides are gorgeous, Raven, but your insides are dark and nasty’

We’ve had our fair share of RuPaul’s Drag Race reunions now we’re 14 seasons deep in the franchise, and they’ve all come with their fair share of drama. Whether forced or organic, you can bet that we’ll be witnessing queens from the season kick off with each other as they hash out the drama of the season. Here’s a look back over the most dramatic (and very iconic) reunion moments from  in the herstory of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Literally the entire season one reunion

The greatest thing about Drag Race season one, in all its vaseline filter glory, is this carnage reunion. I still think that it’s the greatest reunion in Drag Race history – and honestly, one of the best from all reality TV. It’s just perfect. Because it was such early days, the queens, Merle and Santino and Ru could just really go for it. There wasn’t the same manufactured big budget feel of the franchise like we have during the reunions now.

Too many iconic moments to count. Tammy Brown VS RuPaul was just a brawl – Ru screaming “YOU FORGOT WHO YOU ARE” and Tammy saying “Scuse your mouth”? The cheek. Shannel absolutely demolishing anti-vax Santino Rice in her $600 pants is legendary. Shannel was treated like shit by production in season one and she’s such a great drag queen. Everyone lets Rebecca Glasscock have it. It’s GLORIOUS. “I don’t see you out there walking children in nature” – ancient drag proverb.

‘I’m not done talking yet – you will speak when I’m done’

Tatianna brought THEE drama this reunion, and to be honest she wiped the floor clean with Raven. Which is no easy task – Raven is savage and formidable. Tatianna really took no shit. So many iconic quotes. “Your outsides are gorgeous, Raven, but your insides are dark and nasty and I *don’t* like you.” Raven was shook. And though Raven claps back, it’s clear Tatianna is getting through to her. Tatianna gets her apology, and we get golden TV. One of the most dramatic reunion moments in Drag Race history.

Heathers VS Boogers

The drama of season three culminated in the Heathers (Raja, Manila, Delta and Carmen) VS the girls they branded as “The Boogers” – aka, the rest. It was all resolved, but felt toe-curlingly awkward. The Heathers never seemed to take accountability for the mean-spirited nature of them branding the queens they deemed as lesser as boogers. Like, it’s fine and cute to be the Heathers but why are we dragging the other girls down as well? Raja giving Stacy the necklace… hell.

Trixie Mattel VS Acid Betty

Drag Race dramatic reunion moments

“In Untucked, did you or did you not come for me?” Acid Betty was shaking and quaking, girl. She was giving it bravado but no one was believing. One of the only worthwhile moments from any of the cursed Grand Finale / reunion hybrids from the season four to season eight era. Trixie had her!

The entirety of the season nine reunion

The only reunion that rivals season one in pure DRAMA. Everyone was out for blood, death and destruction. The finale had already been filmed, so the top two were established and the lip sync for the crown smakdown twist had taken place. Nobody had anything to lose, and everyone let each other have it. Aja and Farrah dragged Valentina to the moon and back. The hijacking of Miss Congeniality being renamed as fan favourite because none of the queens thought Valentina deserved to be called congenial? Masterpiece reality TV.

Elsewhere we have Kimora saying the timeless “you didn’t say JK though” and Charlie Hides giving 786 reasons as to why she didn’t lip sync. A Drag Race reunion full of timeless and iconic dramatic moments. I rewatch it weekly and you should too.

The calling out of Kameron Michaels and The Vixen walking out

Drag Race dramatic reunion moments

During the season 10 reunion, several queens called out Kameron Michaels’ alleged insincerity in what she would later call an attack on her character. It’s TENSE. Elsewhere, The Vixen’s emotional storm out causes Asia and RuPaul to argue about how the situation is handled in one of the most fiery debates in a reunion ever. Honestly, I really see both sides. I do think RuPaul is right when he says is there anything we could have done in that moment to make Vixen change her mind, but Asia is right in her compassion that they should have got up and somewhat tried. It’s dramatic, but honestly a hard and sad watch.

Daya Betty VS Jasmine Kennedie

Drag Race dramatic reunion moments

In a fight that feels probably the most visibly manufactured out of all the reunion dramas, Jasmine Kennedie and Daya Betty come to a head over their season’s tensions. I love that Daya doesn’t back down, and gets her rudemption as the other queens calling her a bitch clearly gets to her because honestly? Daya to win!

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