Miami My Amy TikTok

Okay so what is the TikTok ‘Miami, My Amy’ trend and who actually sings the song?

My telephone riiiiiings

My TikTok For You Page is currently *infested* with a trend, but it’s a trend so good that I never want it to leave. In true TikTok fashion, the most random song from the history of the music industry has got a second life and become part of the furniture – with a trend that bops as hard as the song in question. The For You Page is full of people using the sound of Miami, My Amy to show what different kinds of people say about them. For example, if I made one I’d say “POV I say that I’m gay” and then a slideshow would begin of different groups of people’s reactions – like straight men, old people, mumsy huns. You get the drift. Here’s all you need to know about the Miami, My Amy TikTok trend.

What is the Miami, My Amy song and who sings it?

Miami, My Amy is a 1986 country love song by Keith Whitley – best known for his single When You Say Nothing At All. Miami, My Amy was Keith Whitley’s first top 20 hit and is currently his top trending most streamed song on Spotify thanks to its TikTok renaissance. TikTok has adopted the song from “My telephone ring, calling me from Miami, my Amy.” Honestly, it’s a stunning song – made all the more sad that three years after its release Keith Whitley sadly passed away aged 34.

He passed away of alcohol poisoning, and his health had deteriorated heavily due to excessive drinking. He had a string of  posthumous singles after he passed away.

What is the TikTok Miami, My Amy trend?

The trend is one of those that’s easier to be explained when you see it, so here are some funny examples of why the song and trend have gone so viral:

@milkymilkymilf #curly #hair #3a #2c #curlyhairstruggles ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley

@georgiadeakin2 True tho x #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley

@gracehegley If I had a pound for everytime ive heard these things 🤣😭 #fyp #gracehegley #bodypositive ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley

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