Are you more like Jessica, Shaina or Alexis? Take this messy blonde quiz to find out

Can’t I be all three minus Shaina when she squints?

If there’s one thing we can rely on Netflix for, it’s giving us a messy and chaotic blonde bombshell. Now we have three of them! Jessica from Love Is Blind season one, Shaina from season two and Alexis from The Ultimatum season one. They are so painfully similar, you could even say they are the same person in three different quirky fonts. But who are you most like?

Jessica from Love Is Blind was the first to divide the world after feeding her dog wine, Shaina left us all stunned with her constant squinting and Alexis cried over a man who refused to marry her after one conversation. So take this quiz and find out, once and for all – are you more like Jessica, Shaina or Alexis?

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