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Just 19 memes all laughing at how unhinged Netflix’s The Ultimatum truly is

It’s scary how similar Alexis is to Shaina and Jessica from Love Is Blind

The Ultimatum season one dropped on Netflix recently and the memes on Twitter have all been saying the same thing: it’s batshit crazy. Seriously, how did we not see this coming? It’s literally by the same creators of Love Is Blind and presented by the two most chaotic love gurus of our time, Nick and Vanessa Lachey. So far the general vibe is that Nate is pure carnage and Alexis is terrifyingly similar to Shaina and Jessica from Love Is Blind. Oh and Shanique is too good for everyone else on the show. Here are 19 of the best memes and reactions from Twitter to The Ultimatum season one.

1. Naturally I have binged it already

2. ‘And toes’ looool

3. Surely they’re not going to make it

4. There is NO WAY this is good for couples

5. It’s chaos

6. I can’t get over the fact these are real people

7. What the logic behind this may I ask?



10. ‘Pure trauma’

11. They’re all so young


13. End of

14. They’re not going to make it

15. No because I screamed when Nate went to propose

16. I hate that I believe everything on this show

17. Shanique’s mum for the win

18. Me throughout the entire season

19. These cups have a chokehold over the Netflix producers

The Ultimatum season one is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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