Drag Race España

Drag Race España is blowing everyone’s mind – here’s why you need to watch it immediately

The talent show episode just got 9.9 on IMDb – the highest rated in Drag Race herstory!

Hola, hola, hola! Drag Race España built hype with its acclaimed first season, but season two has just premiered and it’s blowing Drag Race fans around the world’s heads clean off. The drag excellence and creativity is absolutely off the charts – and the franchise is establishing itself as one of the very best. Spain’s edition of the show is showcasing fashions off the scale and the queens are absolutely delivering. Here’s everything you need to know about Drag Race España and why you should absolutely be tuning in to see what this latest cast of queens are doing to leave the world gagging.

The judges are all icons

There’s no RuPaul or Michelle judging on Drag Race España – and it’s high key all the better for it! Just like Canada. Sorry to Ru and Michelle, but this new batch of judges just bring a fresher take to their critiques and it feels much more thoughtful and less storyline / producer driven. Supremme de Luxe is the host in Ru’s shoes, and she does an amazing job. Supremme is 43 year old queen from Madrid who is known in Spain for being one of the biggest drag names in the country.

Also on the panel is Ana Locking, a Spanish fashion designer. The panel is completed with Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo – two Spanish actors, directors and writers who created the acclaimed HBO Max show Veneno together. They’ve also been in a relationship with each other since 2010, and honestly, they’re an absolute hoot. The whole panel is iconic.

The queens do NOT fuck about – and that goes for season one and two

Season one of Drag Race España was still finding its footing a bit, but was just an amazing season of television that crowned Carmen Farala as the first ever winner. Carmen is truly a force to be reckoned with, and won the crown fair and square with her gagworthy runways and unshakeable confidence. But she wasn’t without competition – the whole cast was full of likeable and talented queens who put this version of the franchise on the map. Here she is looking like the most gorgeous creature on planet earth:

And the season two cast are stepping it up to even new heights. During week one of Drag Race España, the queens had to do two looks on the runway. One was Queen of your Hometown and the other Symbol of your Hometown – and when I say the girls ATE, the girls ate. Some of the best week one runways I’ve ever seen on a non-All Stars season of Drag Race. Look at what Onyx wore please!

The latest episode, the talent show, is the highest rated Drag Race episode in global herstory

Yep. The second episode of Drag Race ever, across all franchises and seasons, belongs to Drag Race España season two. In the episode that aired on April 3rd, the queens did the first ever Spanish talent show episode, a la All Stars. The episode currently has a 9.9 user rating score on IMDb – unprecedented. If you’ve not watched the episode yet, here’s a few things to get you absolutely hyped about why it’s so bloody good.

The Spanish queens are curing Drag Race fatigue one slay at a time

In a world where we’ve had to endure some lacklustre talent shows (ahem, UK Vs The World… let’s say no more) and just genuinely feel burnt out by Drag Race – Drag Race España feels like a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to devour every episode of this season – the queens are so talented that it makes me feel as giddy as I used to feel back in the early days of Drag Race. It’s on Wow Presents Plus, and it will cost you £4.50 a month – just a bit more than a Tesco meal deal to see some of the best drag you’re ever likely to see. What are you waiting for!

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