And they're both boys TikTok

This is where the smooching ‘and they’re both boys’ TikTok sound is from originally

The kissing noise gives me the ick tbh

My TikTok For You Page is in an “and they’re both boys” chokehold and to be honest, I’m not even mad at it. I love this stupid sound, even if the kissing noises gives me the absolute ick. You know the one, kissing noises and then a “and they’re both boys” and then some more kissing. It’s trending all over TikTok right now – but where is the viral audio from originally? Who said it? Who are the mythical boys kissing? Here’s everything you need to know about the origins of “and they’re both boys” on TikTok.

It originated on TikTok

@braest13 Little flaps kissing at the train station mwah mwah mwah @vinfolmer ♬ original sound – braest13

The viral sound is not like many that go everywhere on TikTok in which the sound is taken from an interview or a TV show, it’s just a viral sound from an original TikTokker. The OG sound came from a TikTok by creator @braest13 and is a quirky little TikTok of him in a car, bashing together two car sun visors that are hanging from the windscreen. And they’re both boys, apparently. Although they have much more of a non-binary energy to me personally.

How is the ‘and they’re both boys’ TikTok sound being used?

A lot of female TikTok users are using it to take the piss out of their boyfriends and things men do, which is mildly amusing but does feel on the cusp of homophobic. A particular highlight is one who said “me explaining wrestling to someone”, feels exceptionally correct as someone who knows not a thing about wrestling. Here are some of the funniest examples of the “and they’re both boys” TikTok audio in action:

@valdryka♬ original sound – braest13 failed one already ;(♬ original sound – braest13

@wileefamI’m not like a regular mom I’m a cool mom ✨💁🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – braest13

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