Just 13 times The Apprentice 2022 was as iconic as Baroness Karren Brady

Now THIS is what I pay my TV licence for

This year’s season of The Apprentice was genuinely one of the best. From start to finish this season was iconic and I am distraught it’s come to an end. It was wild and unpredictable, for example Nick Showering gave literally everyone the ick whenever he opened his mouth but now all of a sudden he’s a sex symbol of British television. This season really didn’t hold back, we had a queen of crabs, bullying claims, a Barb and Karren Brady told everyone to run away. So let’s get comfy and take a look back at The Apprentice’s most iconic moments from this season.

1. Bougie Cruises was a fever dream

Seriously, three months who would have thought that we could grow to love every single contestant??? Not me. Bougie Cruises was a laughing stock and the candidates were genuinely awful. And don’t even get me started on that logo which we all know straight up resembles a poo.

2. The turd tooth brush in week two

Brown and green were strong  colours for the boys in the early weeks of The Apprentice.

3. Akshay surviving five firings in one row

The bond Akshay built with Lord Sugar is enough to make me weep. They must have spent many, many hours together in the boardroom and I’ve got serious FOMO.

4. The graphic designers trying not to laugh every single week

The graphic design team simply aren’t paid enough. They work so hard and for what? To design products they don’t even like?? They are hilarious without even trying.

5. Karren Brady saying ‘I’d run if I were you’

Karren Brady could step on my neck and I would apologise to her. She is a woman who knows what she wants and I love it.

6. Akshay finally getting fired

Okay this was iconic purely based on the fact he managed to avoid it for so bloody long.

7. Harpreet sacking her sister from the business

Harpreet is a savage, so it’s only right she won The Apprentice. She showed us from day one that she was a cut throat business woman. But not a single one of us expected to see her cut her own sister out of the bakery business.

8. Linda Plant ripping into Kathryn

Linda essentially called Kathryn unoriginal and Twitter lapped it up. It was so savage but so perfect at the same time.

9. Mike ripping into Steph

Steph’s face said “Game over” the split second Mike bought out that bloody Ralph Lauren kid’s polo shirt.

10. Amy Anzel getting the boot

Thank god.

11. Navid saying ‘okcurrrr’ in the back of the taxi

Navid openly being a Barb was iconic but choosing his exit line to be “okcurrrr” was even better. This is exactly why I pay my TV licence. =

12. First Time Dies

Just when I thought The Apprentice has made me belly laugh too many times already, the baby food episode aired. It was a front to back shitshow – a baby food catastrophe. At this point in the season, it was difficult to believe Lord Sugar was ready to give up a £250,000 investment to any of them. Not to mention the horrendous branding of “First Time Dies”. An investor even said “The biggest issue is from this label, it looks like we want to kill children” – at this point I was howling.

13. Mike buying Kathryn’s site domains

It’s fair to say Kathryn got rinsed in the interview stage. First by Linda who essentially said she was unoriginal and then by Mike who purchased her site domains with his own money. Savage.

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