VC who earns £354,000 per year says uni bosses ‘don’t have the cash’ to pay staff fairly

Another VC also excused staff pay cuts by saying she has to ‘pay the gas bill’

The Vice Chancellor of Hertfordshire Uni, Quintin McKellar, says university bosses “simply don’t have the cash” to pay their staff fairly despite the fact he earns £354,000 per year.

Quintin McKellar also runs Hertfordshire Uni with a £10,500,000 annual surplus and said: “Of course we would love to pay our staff more but Debra has made the point £9,000 in 2012 is worth £6,500 by 2024. We simply don’t have the cash.”

Yesterday he addressed MPs alongside Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor of Brighton Uni, who earns £246,480 per year. She is heard excusing staff pay cuts by saying she has to “pay the gas bill”.

In the video of Debra Humphris speaking, Ian Mearns MP for Gateshead is heard pointing out the fact underpaid staff, who are also facing the costs of the living crisis, also have to make ends meet. Debra said: “Yeah, they have to pay the gas bill, and so do I, and there are only a limited amount of resources to go round. So there are some really tough choices.”

The response to both Quintin McKellar and Debra Humphris on Twitter has overall been negative. One person wrote: “I think this says it all about the world that most VCs are living in. It is a closed environment with total disrespect for the people who are actually doing the work at universities.”

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