Is It Cake? Netflix memes

Are these cake? No, they’re 17 hilarious memes about Is It Cake? on Netflix

This show is completely ridiculous

If you haven’t seen Is It Cake? then what have you been doing for the past week? Despite being purely based on an online trend from two years ago, the show is absolutely ridiculous and unexpectedly wild. In just the first episode we had Johnny clearly cheating and from then on it was pure chaos. People on Twitter have been raving about the show being such a brainless watch which makes sense considering a show about cutting objects open to find a moist, edible sponge has made it to number two on Netflix. Anyway, here are the best memes and reactions to Is It Cake? from Netflix on Twitter.

1. Mentally I am here x

2. We are all Johnny

3. Nothing is real, everything is cake

4. Literally this


6. This is…horrifying

7. My brain doesn’t work anymore

8. I would excel end of

9. Why did I binge it?

10. It was so obviously a cake lol

11. This is so dark stop it

12. He knows nothing about baking and it’s so funny

13. It’s such an easy watch

14. I am cake

14. Yes x

15. Loool this is so savage

16. There’s no need for this kind of hate

17. This sums up my feelings perfectly

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