Windfall Netflix ending explained

Here’s the shocking twist ending of the new Netflix thriller film Windfall fully explained

This film was the wildest of rides

Windfall is the new Netflix crime-thriller caper that’s a tense and short three hander set in the holiday home villa of a rich tech mogul CEO. None of the characters are named – and the film is director Charlie McDowell’s take on the class divide. Nobody, CEO and Wife spend the film trying to gain power over each other and come to a resolution after CEO and Wife arrive at the villa to find Nobody in the midst of burgling it. But how does the film get to its wild and unpredictable ending? Here is the ending of the new Netflix thriller film Windfall fully explained:

A burglar, a CEO and a jaded wife walk into a villa

The film opens with Nobody in the villa, and we quickly realise he’s there to burgle it. He rummages around in the house trying to find the valuables, but is disturbed by the arrival of the CEO and Wife. Nobody holds the CEO and Wife hostage and CEO says he can just leave with what he wants, because there’s no security cameras. Nobody decided to barricade the two of them in the sauna so he has enough time to make his getaway – but on his way out he clocks a security camera in the trees of the grounds.

Nobody goes back into the house, but CEO and Wife have escaped and he has to chase them down. CEO denies owning the camera and asks Nobody what it will cost for him to leave with money and start a new life so no violence has to take place. Nobody states the he wants $500,000 – which CEO agrees to but it’s going to take until the afternoon of the following day to arrive at the villa.

Never trust a tech mogul

Because the three are stuck together, CEO decides to try and work out why Nobody is robbing him. It turns out that the way that CEO made his money is because he created an algorithm that helps businesses make people redundant who are “dead weight” and can therefore run more efficiently. It’s never confirmed, but CEO suspects that Nobody was someone affected by a redundancy due this algorithm. Wife works in the charity sector, and CEO discusses how he wants her to change role when they have a baby. Nobody, however, spotted birth control pills in Wife’s purse when he rifled through it earlier in the film – showing that this relationship definitely has trouble in paradise.

A gardener arrives and spots Nobody in the house and CEO pretends that Nobody is Wife’s cousin. All is going swimmingly until CEO hands the gardener a note saying “Call 911” that Nobody finds and then catches the gardener before he can do so. Nobody and CEO have a confrontation, and CEO says Nobody is never going to shoot him because he does nothing with his life. Nobody accidentally fires the gun but misses CEO. When the gun goes off, the gardener panics and tries to escape but falls through a glass door and cuts his neck on a shard and dies.

Windfall on Netflix ending explained

In the final act, Nobody ties up CEO and Wife until the money arrives. When it turns up, Wife goes to collect it. In the final scenes and as Nobody prepares to leave, he has the two tied up. He says that he came to the holiday home because he wanted to know what it would feel like too live like the CEO does. He also says that he hoped he’d see the CEO being a good person, but quickly realised he wasn’t. The CEO has spent the whole film acting arrogant and awful.

After ranting at the CEO and calling him disgusting and saying that it’s unfair that he has everything whilst Nobody has nothing, he tells the CEO that Wife has been taking birth control pills so he’s always going to be alone. Whilst Nobody was ranting, Wife has freed herself and as he heads out the house with the money, she bashes his head in with a blunt object. The CEO thinks he’s in the clear, but Wife shoots him dead and then frames Nobody with the murder. She takes the money and leaves as the credits roll.

To round up the ending explained of Windfall on Netflix, it’s a bit unclear as to why Wife does the actions she does specifically – but it can be inferred that Wife is finally free of her unhappy marriage and is free to use the money and live her life how she wants.

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