Here is a first look at Bridgerton season two as Netflix releases *that* lake scene

I need it all, and I need it NOW

Dearest Reader, I can now count on just one hand how many days there are until our favourite Regency era show is back. And now, Netflix has done the absolute most by providing us with a lovely first look at season two of Bridgerton. Oh, and it’s not just any ol’ clip of the new episodes, it’s the famous lake scene.

The lake scene has captured a lot of our attention, showing Anthony Bridgerton hilariously falling in the water, but coming out very Mr Darcy style. It shows him getting jealous over Kate Sharma and a little insight into what is going to be an electric chemistry between the pair of them. Yes, we have another intense hand-touching moment coming our way.

Netflix has released a first look of Bridgerton season two with the full video clips of the lake scene

via Netflix

Netflix released the preview alongside four new first look pictures of season two, captioned: “Bridgerton fans, if you want to find out what to expect in season two — plus get an early look at *that* lake scene.” In the full YouTube clip, author of the Bridgerton books, Julia Quinn, and host Uzo Aduba break down the most anticipated moments and give a sneak peek at what’s coming this season.

The clip includes a short introduction, meeting the new Sharma family characters, a deep dive into how Anthony’s character is going to turn into the Viscount of Romance this season, the first look at the lake scene and expanding the Bridgerton world moving forward.

Netflix has released a first look of Bridgerton season two with the full video clips of the lake scene

via Netflix

Watch the full video below, and skip to around the 8:40 mark for the dissection of the lake scene. Enjoy!

Here is the full first look video of season two of Bridgerton on Netflix:

I am literally screaming right now.

Season two of Bridgerton will be available on Netflix from March 25th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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