Gogglebox families ranked 2022

All 18 of the 2022 Gogglebox families definitively ranked from worst to best

They’re all my second family tbh

Okay. The day has arrived. The time has come for a 2022 rerank of every single family currently appearing on Gogglebox. We all have our favourites, we all shout over each other on who’s the funniest, but this is my concrete ranking of all the families from worst to best. Honestly, I think this is probably the greatest lineup in the show’s history in terms of likability – but there’s still clear highs and lows. Everything will be taken into account: Comedy value, likability, friendliness, immaculate vibes. I refuse to waste any more time: Here are all 18 families on Gogglebox freshly ranked for 2022:

18. Simon and Jane

Erm, yeah. Anyway.

17. The Baggs

I’m sure they’re a nice enough family, but there’s a try-hard undercurrent to the Baggs family that leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. I think it’s because the lads are big on TikTok – a much better outlet for them I’m afraid!

16. The Plummers

Gogglebox families ranked 2022

It’s a testament to how good the standard of Gogglebox families is in 2022 that the Plummers have come in ranked this low, because they’re lovely lads and I’m happy to have them along for the telly watching ride. Extremely chill vibes, but on a show with characters as big as the ones on Gogglebox they do sadly fade a bit into the background in the grand scheme of things.

15. Ronnie and Annie

Gogglebox families ranked

Newbies but goodies, I have so much time for these two. They’ve got that Sue and Steve charm I can’t resist. I want to go round to theirs for a biscuit and a gossip. I loved this week when Ronnie said Annie would come back and do some haunting because she’s always stomping round on the landing “rattling ‘er chains”.

14. Roisin and Joe

Really here for this young new Scottish duo – their presence is charming and welcomed. My prediction is that they’ll be a slow burn of fun, a bit like Abbie and Georgia.

13. The Worthingtons

There’s something about the crocheted comfiness of the Worthingtons that I find indescribably soothing. I wish to be swaddled by their blankets when I’m hungover. I want to go for a wine and talk art and politics with Helena. I just know Alison makes an amazing hearty northern mum tea.

12. Sue and Steve

Via Channel 4

Sue has the most iconic posture in Britain. I am fascinated by the way she lounges herself on the couch. It’s absolute cinema – she reminds me of an Ancient Greek elite about to be fed grapes. Steve’s fun too.

11. Abbie and Georgia

These two are the definition of a grower – of all the Gogglebox families who’ve creeped up the 2022 Gogglebox families ranked list it’s Abbie and Georgia who’ve evolved from non essentials to girlies I want around. I’m a sucker for a Geordie accent anyway, but these two just have me hook, line and sinker. A bit thick, but it’s why we love them!

10. Amira and Amani

I just KNOW they have the tea. The queens of gossip. They make me want to finish a lecture and go for a coffee and slag everyone on my course off. I’ve not been a student for five years, and they still make me want to do that. Such is their power.

9. The Malones

Gogglebox families ranked 2022

The Malones have trickled down my ranked Gogglebox families list for 2022, and I think it’s because I’ve concluded I love the parents but have no interest in the kids. The less we say about the daughter, the better. I want Tom Sr, Julie and the dogs. End of. But absolute classic essentials nonetheless.

8. Marcus and Mica

Gogglebox families ranked 2022

Potentially the best vibes of the whole cast? I’d say so. Marcus and Mica went from newbies that didn’t get much screentime to bonafide Gogglebox legends that no one wants the show without. If they broke up I would be take it harder than my parents divorce – they seem to have the best relationship ever? You can FEEL the chemistry watching them. Icons.

7. Stephen and Daniel

Stephen is one of two cast members who’s been on Gogglebox since season one aired, so the show is literally unimaginable without him because we’ve never experienced a Stephen-less show. We’ve had many Stephen eras – originally with Chris, then with his mum and now with his husband Daniel. It really feels like we’ve been along with him every step of the way during the last decade of his life. And today Stephen and Daniel are the best they’ve ever been – consistently fun observations and no episode would be the same without them.

6. Ellie and Izzi

Ellie and Izzi are a duo that I literally wouldn’t want Gogglebox without – consistently charming, iconic Leeds accents, always a tale and always a drama. Just good time girls all round – and anyone who tries to say they’re irritating has no taste and you should cut them from your life as a matter of urgency. My dad said they were annoying and so I haven’t spoken to him in six years. It’s doable.

5. Dave and Shirley

Every time I think about Dave and Shirley I think about my mate saying they have big swingers energy and I’ve never heard anything more true in my whole life.

4. The Siddiquis

I would trust all three of these men with my life. I would trust all three of these men with the country.

3. Giles and Mary

The most fascinating couple in the UK, to be honest. I am utterly obsessed with their dynamic. Absolute enigmas. Making stars out of these two is everything that makes Gogglebox special. Household names and rightly so – perfectly dry, perfectly eccentric.

2. Jenny and Lee

Taking a very close second place in the ranked list of 2022 Gogglebox families are the one and only Jenny and Lee – the caravan duo we all need. They remind me of the kind of mates my grandma would have around – northern and blunt but with hearts of gold. Inject it! Their silliness and mayhem make the show every week. Jenny’s notebook circa Line Of Duty literally stole the show.

1. Pete and Sophie

Gogglebox families ranked 2022

How these two don’t have their own show at this point is beyond me. The one liners they spout week after week have professional comedians WISHING they were that funny. So sharp and observational, with a lovely relationship. It’s just a joy to watch them as siblings being so close and so perfectly on one another’s wavelength. They joined the show a bit like marmite, but have become the best of the Gogglebox best and top this list of the families ranked in 2022 with ease.

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