Fresh film cast

Here’s where you recognise the cast of the wild new Disney Plus horror film Fresh from

Marianne from Normal People and The Winter Soldier facing off? Sign me up!

I like Disney Plus, but what its been lacking is a good original horror film on its more adult Star section. Enter: Fresh – a film that’s taking social media by storm thanks to its extremely addictive watchability, intriguing hook, brutal premise and, most importantly, a cast that deliver on all counts and do not miss a trick. It’s one of the most visceral, stylish and wildly entertaining and original horror films of the year – and does so with the feminist bite and wit of Promising Young Woman. It’s one of the sharpest horror stories about dating in the digital age that you can find. Fresh is available to stream on Disney Plus now, and here’s where you recognise the cast of the 2022 critically acclaimed horror / thriller from.

Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Noa, an unlucky-in-love woman in her 20s who is disillusioned with the world of dating when she faces disaster after disaster. She meets Steve in the supermarket – kicking off the events of the film which are honestly best watching knowing as little as possible. Daisy is best known for her breakthrough role as Marianne in Normal People, but has also had main roles in Cold Feet and the recent television adaptation of War of the Worlds.

Sebastian Stan as Steve

Fresh film cast

Sebastian Stan plays Steve, a plastic surgeon from Texas who is as charming as he is good looking – but how much can Noa trust what he tells her? Sebastian Stan is known for playing Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier in the MCU, and has also starred as Jeff in I, Tonya and most recently played Tommy Lee in the Disney Plus series Pam and Tommy.

Jonica T Gibbs as Mollie

Jonica T Gibbs plays Noa’s best friend Mollie, a bisexual queen who is always looking out for her friend in the dating world should something go awry. She’s most recently starred in Twenties as Hattie, and in Electric Easy.

Charlotte Le Bon as Ann

Fresh film cast

Charlotte Le Bon plays the mysterious Ann, who is reluctant to help Mollie in the film (that’s all I can say without giving away spoilers so please allow the vague description). She has previously played Annie in The Walk, Ana Khesarian in The Promise and Lola in Cheyenne and Lola.

Dayo Okeniyi as Paul

Dayo Okeniyi completes the cast of the film Fresh as Paul, a bartender who meets Noa and Steve and is a previous sex pal of Mollie’s. He’s best known to audiences as Thrush from The Hunger Games.

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