Brand New Cherry Flavor sex scene

People on TikTok are losing their minds over a sex scene from Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor

Episode four, 35 minutes in – one to watch on private browsing x

I’m a bit of a horror fanatic, so when I saw Brand New Cherry Flavor mysteriously drop on Netflix with little fanfare but big critical acclaim last summer, I binged it straight away. I was obsessed with the visceral fever dream of it all – a dark Hollywood tale of witchcraft, curses and, erm, kittens. Slightly late on the hype but never one to miss out too much on the party if its wild enough, as last year’s random resurgence of Nocturnal Animals proved, TikTok has latched onto a Brand New Cherry Flavor sex scene that truly has to be seen to be believed. Here’s exactly why Brand New Cherry Flavor and its extremely bizarre sex scene has gone viral on TikTok

Okay, brace yourself for some extremely bizarre body horror sex

Firstly, a crumb of context. Brand New Cherry Flavor is a story about a filmmaker named Lisa who moves to Hollywood in hope to become a big name in the city of angels. She meets acclaimed producer-director Lou, who promises her he’s going to help her succeed and become the name she wants to be. Of course, men are trash and so is Lou – so in retaliation, Lisa hires a witch to curse him and exact revenge.

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The curse has side effects, with one major one being vomiting newborn kittens every now and again. So we’re hardly in for plain sailing here, just to brace you for the kind of world this sex scene is coming in. No pun intended. Right, so the sex scene that’s viral on TikTok comes in episode four. 35 minutes in. In the episode, Lisa gets a wound on the side of her stomach which another kitten comes out of. Later in the ep, she invites over her new lover Roy for a shag. Roy comes, strokes the wound where the kitten came out of and starts to finger it. He increases fingers until he’s fisting it, and eventually puts his whole arm in. Whilst Lisa moans like she’s having the shag of her LIFE.

TikTok reactions have sent buzz for the show wild

Curiosity lives in all of us, even if it killed the cat (with how many kittens are in this show, consider that pun intended). So once a few TikTokkers directed everyone to episode four, 35 minutes in the reactions have been wild on. Here are some of the funniest:

@lucyowennn Brand new cherry Flavor, episode 4, 35 minutes in. Watch at your own risk😂#brandnewcherryflavor #UARushChallenge #wtf #netflix ♬ original sound – Cody

@shootthewendybird♬ original sound – Cody

@_cassieberry #fyp ♬ original sound – Cody

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