Nick Showering and Brittany Carter from The Apprentice have ‘grown close’

The pair hit it off while filming the show last year

Apprentice stars Nick Showering and Brittany Carter grew close during the show and now look to be romantically involved.

The pair were pictured huddled up together while on a night out with some of the other candidates last month.

While this obviously isn’t conclusive proof of their relationship, friends of the pair have confirmed the rumours.

One source told The Sun: “They hit it off during filming last year after living together for several months in the luxury contestant house.

“She was in a long-term relationship but has since split with him and grown close to Nick.

“Everyone is talking about it and they make a cute couple. They waited until filming finished before acting on their feelings.”

Nick first sparked rumours of a potential new romance when he posted a TikTok captioned: “When you fall in love on The Apprentice.”

While people in the comments suggested he could be referring to Brittany, the punch line of the video was that he was talking about Vodify, the non-alcoholic drink he helped design while on the show.

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Contestants are banned from having relationships with one another while they’re staying in The Apprentice house.

Lord Sugar is even said to have hired chaperones to stay in the house to police this rule.

Contestants are also not allowed to have any connection to the outside world. That means they can’t watch the news or use their phones while they’re working on the show.

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