YouTuber Millie T claims she was spiked on a night out clubbing in Dubai on holiday

She recalls ‘fighting to stay conscious’

Yesterday Millie T uploaded a vlog called “How my dream holiday turned into a disaster” and in it she claims she was spiked whilst on a night out in Dubai with her best mate and fellow YouTuber, Carmie Sellitto.

In the clip toward the end of the video, Millie says they went to a club in Dubai where she had four vodka lemonades. Originally she sat with her friends however they then all got moved onto an actual table which was in between two different groups of men. She then says: “I was just dancing and then I just got so drunk out of nowhere.”

Millie continued to state how quickly she felt drunk has really shook her up, she tell her subscribers: “We left the club and then it was just me and Carmie who were standing outside.” Then Carmie apparently began speaking to these girls and I was losing consciousness and I was fighting to stay conscious because I can handle a lot of drink.”

She says she was walking and then sat down, she says it felt like she was dreaming everything. Then Millie T recalls the men who was sitting on the table next to them, came over and spoke to her. However she then says she cannot remember for definite whether it actually was the men on the table next to them but says “the way they were speaking to me was like they knew me – I don’t know if they were helping.”

Millie continues: “I hate this. I know I wasn’t drunk. That wasn’t how I was feeling.” She then says she ended up in a car belonging to one of the men where they continued to ask her questions like what her name was, how old she was and whether she was drunk at the time. Millie says this is when it started to feel as though something was wrong. She says: “I was trying to get myself to come back and my eyes were closed. It felt like I was floating in a dream. I could hear them but I couldn’t really respond. I don’t know if I was responding in my head or out loud.”

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She then remembers the engine turning on and she said “No can we stay here” and then Carmie saw her, came over and told her to get out of the car. She says: “Carmie was saying the men said they were keeping me safe but it didn’t feel like it. It felt wrong. It really shook me up. I have never experienced anything like that before. I’m really not one to be like ‘I got spiked’ because I have blacked out a lot in my life but I really don’t think that was alcohol.”

Millie says Carmie then opened the car door which was locked when he first tried to open it. As soon as Millie got out of the car they sped off. The comments on Millie’s video are mainly from people sending her nothing but love. The top comment says: “I’m so sorry Millie, sounds like you were definitely spiked. I was spiked at a uni house party (in the UK) back in October so everything you said resonated with me. I hope you’re doing better now.”

Another comment says “I would check your arm for a ‘puncture’ site – people have started injecting people to spike them, and you don’t feel it at all but you end up with a small puncture and bruise on your arm the next day. It wasn’t at all your fault, even if you spoke to them it wouldn’t have been your fault. Hope you’re okay!”

You can watch Millie T’s full YouTube video and listen to her story here:

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