The Weekend Away ending explained

Okay so here’s the big twist ending of Netflix’s The Weekend Away explained

This film has ruined weekends away forever

The new Netflix thriller The Weekend Away, starring Blair Waldorf herself Leighton Meester, has shot right into the top 10. Because, of course it has. We all love a trashy Netflix thriller – and that’s BEFORE they stare Gossip Girl alumni. It was a recipe for success from the off – even if the critical reception has been mixed. The Weekend Away is full of twists and turns that make a weekend away to Croatia suddenly become everyone’s idea of a horrifying nightmare. Here’s all you need to know about the plot of The Weekend Away on Netflix – and a full explainer of *that* twist ending!

What’s the plot?

Leighton Meester plays Beth, a new mum who goes to meet her best friend Kate in Croatia for a weekend away together all paid for by Kate’s ex husband, who she still has the credit card of. She gets pally from the off with her first taxi driver Zain, who takes her to Kate’s Airbnb and the two pals go out on the town – even if Beth would rather FaceTime her husband Rob back in London. After a wild night out, completely instigated and led by Kate, Beth wakes up the next day extremely hungover and with little recollection of the night with Kate missing.

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Beth goes to the police, but an officer called Pavic is dismissive and reluctant to help – and that’s putting it lightly. Beth gets help from Zain the taxi driver to track down hers and Kate’s movements from the night before, and Zain tells Beth that the two brought two guys back to the Airbnb and that the men are prostitutes. The male prostitutes admit they stole Beth and Kate’s bags but didn’t harm her, and Beth gets a hold of Kate’s phone but can’t unlock it. Beth’s husband Rob turns up in Croatia, saying he’s come over to offer emotional support. They then get a call that Kate’s body has been found.

When Beth goes to identify the body, she uses Kate to unlock the phone and uncovers that Kate and Beth’s husband Rob had been having an affair. The police find out about this – and Beth isn’t sure why, until she realises the landlord of the Airbnb had hidden cameras set up and had been spying on her. Beth is now a suspect for Kate’s death, due to the fact she has a big motive with the affair. Beth detects that the car that drove Kate home has the same numberplate as Pavic, the dismissive cop who she first reported the disappearance to.

The Weekend Away big twist ending explained

Beth and Pavic have a big confrontation on a rooftop – he says Kate was a slut and then attacks Beth and the two fight before he misses his footing and falls to his death. The police uncover footage that Pavic drove Kate home and see footage of a man attacking Kate and pushing her into the water. They assume that this is Pavic and that Kate refused his advances.

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The film skips ahead and Kate is back in London, separated from Rob and dropping her baby off with him for the weekend. When she goes to get her car keys from Rob’s pocket, she finds a bead from a necklace that she gave to Kate in Croatia earlier in the film, and pieces together that the only way he could have it is that if he saw Kate when he was in Croatia. She realises that Pavic didn’t kill Kate after all – it was ROB. Pure evil man, to be honest. She calls the Croatian police officer who was helping her following Pavic’s death to tell them the truth, but Rob disturbs her and she leaves her phone on as he confesses that he accidentally killed her – they had a fight, he hit her and she fell in the water. But a flashback reveals that Kate was struggling and Rob ignored her. Rob tries to attack Beth, but she escapes with her baby – finally free of him. And that’s the chaotic ending of The Weekend Away on Netflix explained – not that it was rocket science.

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